Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sensible Jew blog unhappy with AJN Watch

Sensible Jew or Superkvetcher Jew blog ?

From Sensible Jew blog

Strange Connections: Communal Diversity Under Threat?

This is not a story for a single post.
It’s a story about trying to work out exactly what is going on in some of our communal organisations. It’s a story about how sectional interests can so easily override mainstream Jewish opinion. It’s a story about intimidation.
I recently wrote to Deborah Stone at the Anti Defamation Commission to ask her what her organisation was doing to combat vilification of gays and lesbians in the community.
There are some very
unpleasant sentiments coming out of a minority sector within Jewish Australia that indicate a problem, and I was curious about whether the ADC had any plans to tackle the issue. After all, on their website, their mission statement says that, “[they]seek to secure justice and fair treatment for all people.”
It would be pure waste of time debating this supremely arrogant know-all, who represents about as many members of our community as does Antony Loewenstein. Full of herself and regarded by most as a serial kvetcher about almost everything in the community, the last thing she is interested in is a differing POV.

However, we welcome unbiased and reasonable readers to check out our observations and see for themselves if we are guilty of 'vilification' or actually made some fair and rational comment.


  1. You asked if you were guilty of vilification etc and criticised Alex Fein of SensibleJew as being a "serial kvetcher about almost everything in the community, the last thing she is interested in is a differing POV". Whenh I posted a contrary view to yours it was censored ie it was published.

    So who is calling the streimel black?

  2. I think you'd be pleasently surprised at how many people she represents in a blog. As opposed to Loewenstein, who merely irritates the Jewish community, in which is over 80% consider themselves zionists.

    The difference is that Loewenstein commits a double offence to the Jewish communities. To some, he is the dissenter which shows a split in the community and just a troublemaker stirring up shit for a bit of attention.

    On the other side, you have Jewish intellectuals who sit and pull their hair out reading his reports as he slaps the entire community with the one label and he publishes his shoddy reports with extrapolated evidence, loaded terms, and poor investigations.

    Comparing Fein to Loewenstein is an insult to Fein's intelligence.


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