Thursday, September 10, 2009

Editor of London Jewish 'throwaway' confirmed as new AJN chief

As we reported on Tuesday, Zeddy Lawrence of London will be taking over the AJN following the dismissal of editor Ashley Browne.
"It can't get worse", seems to be the general commentary in a quick Vox Pop that we conducted on the appointment. (The AJN is welcome to quote.) We sure hope so.
Of course, we'll continue to keep an eye on developments.

Meanwhile we did some research on Lawrence's current newspaper the 'London Jewish News' and we see that it is a free weekly "throwaway" - a la the Leader newspapers here - albeit aiming at the Jewish community. The ENTIRE newspaper (page-by-page) is also available for view on the net. See .

Maybe the new editor will convince AJN's publisher to go down that past. Giving the paper away would do wonders for the lousy circulation figures. And of course nobody would ever again complain that they overpaid for it...
After all, the PRW, one of the better sections of the Jewish News is already being distributed free of charge - so why not go the whole way?

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