Thursday, June 23, 2011

Serious issue for Sydney rabbinate...

From Sydneysider Bob:
Sydney rabbis busy with important matters...

Michael Danby - getting up Bob Brown's goat

Michael Danby is obviously doing darn good job. He recent comments about refusing to give his preferences to the Greens in the future - as well as his exposure of some of the nastier and anti-Israel tactics by Green politicians has now totally upset their leader, Bob Brown, who is resorting with threats and abuse.

In reply to Michael calling them "watermelon greens" Brown's angry reply is "lettuce".

Well, let us - lettuce see, Senator Brown. AJNWatch won't be surprised if after the despicable behaviour of so many Greens politicians - especially the BDS-promoting execrable Marrickville Mayor Fiona Byrne and the deplorable Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon - with their shameless anti-Israel views, the Greens vote will drop substantially in all areas. Not only Jewish voters, but most fair-minded decent Australians will be dumping this left-wing rabble.

Meanwhile, all of us living in Melbourne Ports have a duty to support and ensure that Michael Danby retains this seat - with an increased majority - for many elections to come. We should forget party-partisan politics and remember that Michael has been one of our community's strongest and bravest advocates ever and deserves our 100% unwavering support.

THE AGE:  Brown blasts 'nasty' Danby
Michelle Grattan

GREENS leader Bob Brown has fiercely attacked the Labor member for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby, threatening the Greens could have him out of Parliament and ''growing lettuces''.

Senator Brown struck back after assaults by Mr Danby on the Greens, including at the weekend when he repeated he would have them pushed down the ticket in Melbourne Ports because of their policies.

Senator Brown told The Age his advice to the Greens in Mr Danby's seat ''would be to look at not directing preferences next time - and he'll go''.

''He needs to know that he's not some sort of arbiter of Liberal-Labor consensus on how to get rid of Greens. He might find himself going out the back door faster than he thinks … He'll find himself growing lettuces.''

The Green candidate in Melbourne Ports at the 2010 election, Sue Plowright, had received a ''huge'' vote, Senator Brown said.

At the last election Mr Danby had a primary vote just over 38 per cent, while the Liberal candidate received nearly 38 per cent and the Greens nearly 21 per cent. He received Green preferences. While most Green voters give preferences to Labor anyway, in a close election getting formal support could be critical.

Senator Brown said some of Mr Danby's recent comments had been ''really nasty and uncalled for''. Mr Danby recently likened the controversial Green from NSW, Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon, to Elena Ceausescu, the wife of the brutal Romanian dictator.

The incoming senator has advocated an Israeli boycott. Mr Danby, who is Jewish and represents an area with a big Jewish presence, is strongly pro-Israel.

The Greens decide on preferences at a local rather than a national level. Senator Brown said he would not be directing the locals but advising them.

Mr Danby said last night: ''I won't be bowing to this pressure''.

He was very surprised at Senator Brown's comments - he did not think Senator Brown would join with Senator-elect Rhiannon in making what were effectively political threats.

''I won't be backing down in saying some of the Greens' policies are too extreme'', such as their advocacy of death duties and the reduction of aid to non-government schools.

He believed he could survive without Green preferences. ''The Greens will find me like the wombat on the Hume Highway - the wheels will bounce every time.''
Julia Gillard is truly a rachmonus. Imagine your life or career depending on the support of such a rabble.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Ohel" kids books go mainstream!

Kehot and Merkos have decided to get into the "Ohel" books for kids. We have nothing add to our previous comment.

Readers at that site seem to have various opinions. Here are a couple that we can agree with:

just a thought..... wrote:
I wonder why, in all the forty years since Yud Shevat 5710 and 5752, the Rebbe never once instructed Kehos (or anyone else) to publish a book for children who would be visiting the Ohel?!

If there is obviously a need for such a book - wouldn't the Rebbe have seen and realized the necessity for such a book to be published way back then!?

Barring no other logical explanation, (which, I would certainly eagerly welcome,) I guess that Mrs. Tauger & Kehos don't share the same perspective of the Ohel as that of the Rebbe.

Response wrote:

As no one else has offered an explanation - I would offer this answer; Essentially, your question is a valid one. The reason the Rebbe never requested Kehos publish this type of book is because the Rebbe did not put emphasis on the Frierdiker Rebbe's tzion or histalkus to be greater than that of 770.

By the Rebbe - this was just one of many inyonim that are connected with the frierdiker Rebbe. But the eikar - the main focal point is 770, and not an inyan of a tzion, or a histalkus or a kevurah, or anything connected with an aspect that Chas V'Sholom - the frierdiker Rebbe is no longer connected with the gashmiusdiker world AS WE KNOW IT.

This explains why there were no books published or cafe's, social halls/clubs, cheders, shuls, tents, etc. etc. built or erected near the ohel of the frierdiker Rebbe - BECAUSE THE REBBE WOULD NEVER WANT IT OR ALLOW IT!!! - This (ie-the Ohel, histalkus, tzion etc.) IS NOT THE EIKAR!!

Fast forward to present day “Chabad” - and we find an array of books & publications solely dedicated to portray and illustrate the Rebbe in the EXACT OPPOSITE of how HE HIMSELF would portray & illustrate the Frierdiker Rebbe!?

I leave the conclusion for those who are not intellectually and emotionally challenged to figure it out for themselves. (Additionally, one may study the sichos of Yud Bais Tammuz 5745-1985 for additional points I may have left out.)

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Nit Yisrael" - an accurate name for a Reform temple

The "Mother Synagogue of Progressive Judaism in South Africa" deserves credit for being honest enough to publicly inform - at least those who understand Yiddish - that it is not a Jewish establishment.

A pity, though, that its English label isn't as truthful.
"Temple Not Israel" would be the correct translation for the Yiddish "Nit Yisrael", to describe that country's Reform mother-ship.
                                                                      Hat tip TN

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can you believe this ? "I go to the Ohel" - a toddlers (!) book

Really! What next?
From the site:

"For the first time ever, parents can make precious time at the Ohel more meaningful and special for toddlers and preschoolers!"

Pardon ask for asking, but is a cemetery really a place for toddlers and preschoolers?

"From writing to the Rebbe, making a hachlata, to giving tzedakah and wearing special shoes, very young children can become more aware of these important details, enriching their Ohel experience and strengthening their hiskashrus with the Rebbe."

Thousands of Tzadikim, Gaonim as well as the greatest and holiest Rebbes have passed away, but no one has ever suggested that young children be inculcated with such bizarre ideas which in their young minds could border on necromancy and "doresh el hameisim".

"A must for every Chabad home, I Go to the Ohel was developed with input from rabbanim, chassidishe parents, and preschool teachers."

What seems to be missing is input from expert child psychologists about the danger of distressing and traumatising young children by exposing them to death and graveyards. The alternative risk is that trivialising the cemetery "experience" in children's books totally removes the concept of "ma nora hamakom hazeh".

We fervently hope that the leadership in 770 will protest this improper and frivolous portrayal and interpretation of this makom kadosh - the resting place of the Rebbe zichrono livracha.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jewtribe - a new Maven on the block...

Hat tip Josh for forwarding this. The site seems to have a very low profile - and a pretty low opinion of almost the entire Australian Jewish media.
Jews have always been known as the people of the book. Communication, especially for the diaspora, has been an important tool for keeping diverse and oft times, remote communities connected. For many years the Australian Jewish community really has had a lack of quality media representing a small but ostensibly well-educated ethnic group.

As far as print media is concerned, the Australian Jewish News has been the flagship for news for many years, both in Sydney and Melbourne, but it has suffered from a lack of quality journalism and genuine editorship for most of its existence, even though the resources for both have not been in short supply within the community. It has been generally read for what is better known as the “hatched, matched and dispatched” sections. The rest of its pages are filled with week-old news from abroad coupled with pages and pages of photo ops from recent events.......

In reviewing the current menu of web sites and blogs there are perhaps only a handful of sites that warrant a mention. They are sites that are either quite often referenced or mentioned elsewhere or seem to attract a wide and varied comments section.

Its banner says Jewish Online News from Australia and New Zealand. Seems to have morphed into an online version of the Australian Jewish News (print version) .....

AJN online (Australian Jewish News online version)
No expense spared website! Looks like a free WordPress theme was used. A sad representation of what is supposedly the main source of Jewish news in Australia. Compare this to the JC (Jewish Chronicle) England

AJN Watch
The site was originally set up as a “watch’ site for articles written in the AJN that misrepresented the orthodox community in Melbourne. Its moniker states that it is the on-line voice of Australian Orthodox Jewry observes and comments on matters of interest to that community.

Reading through its articles one wonders if the orthodox community would want this site voicing its interests. It seems to represent a very small section of that community based on the content. These two recent posts perhaps best represent the values of its owners. AJN watch is listed here simply because as an oddity it does attract attention. AJN smut peddler and J-wire’s Chilul Shabbat.

...Australian Jewish media has a long way to go before it truly starts to provide a substantial and meaningful representation of the community from which its springs from. There are I am sure a wealth of informed creative writers and the like who could contribute to the discussion and provide content that’s relevant, entertaining and hopefully provocative.

7 year old Chassidish kid - a prodigy?

Another Lipa in the making? Watch and hear him here.
Go, Naftuli Shmiel, go!

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Zealand researchers invent Goy

Next they'll discover a Yid!  From here:
[click image to enlarge]

Gays, Reform clergy and the AJN - but where are our Rabbis?

The following post was received last week from "Jacob" (with some editing and reworking by us). We apologise for the delay in posting - but AJNWatch too has been busy over the past weeks with Yomtov and cheesecake as well as one of our stalwarts away overseas. We'll try to catch up on the backlog of posts in the next few days.

Hi  AJN Watch,

Following your recent advice, I checked out the free online edition of the AJN. (Personally, I decided a year ago that I would no longer financially support the rag.)

What hit me was seeing it has reverted with a vengeance to its role as the Australian Gayish News - with its front page, page 3, editorial and Kron's cartoon all featuring and promoting the nauseating call by Australia's Reform clergypersons to the Federal government to legalise homosexual marriages.
As I understand it, the current owner of the AJN, Robert Magid is a member of the Reform and obviously approves (and presumably encourages) his newspaper's campaign.

 I can't remember any recent issue that the AJN supported to heavily. having said that, I don't think too many of us are surprised or shocked at the behaviour of these reform 'rabbis' and rabbiettes. After all, if they can accept a homosexual living with his boyfriend (would he have to be Jewish?) and woman who is 100% not Jewish as their 'rabbis', nothing is beyond the pale.

That the AJN supports such perversion of Torah and basic decency also comes as no surprise (especially when taking into consideration the publisher's Reform ties).

However what would have shocked most traditional and religious Jews was the almost craven and gutless response of the president of the Orthodox Rabbis of Australasia, Rabbi Dovid Freilich: "...that they (the Reform) were entitled to their stance.. ...Our view (that "the sanctity of a marriage was between a man and a woman") based on the Torah and our heritage.."

What? Rabbi Freilich has to JUSTIFY not supporting such a Toeva? Is this really the best that the representative of the Australian Orthodox rabbinate can do? Is this not almost as great a Chilul Hashem as the statement by his Reform "colleagues"?
I hope you will publish my words which are written in both sadness and anger.

Meanwhile we have received the following email which has been doing the rounds in both Melbourne and Sydney and adds to the above sentiments:

..who seems to be the only rabbi in Australia who is upset by the Reform to'eva (and its promotion by the Jewish News in both Melb and Sydney editions).

See attachments for the front page [sponsored by Glicks (!) - though I have no doubt that they are unhappy about this]
and the page 2 report where the president of Organisation of Rabbis of Australia gives some unbelievable p-weak response. What has become of the leadership of our communities? It seems that since the passing of Rabbis Groner and Chaim Gutnick the 'mainstream' rabbinate have given up on stating the genuine Torah viewpoint. (And I have no doubt that if Rabbi Zaichyk was still here, he too would have fearlessly and in his style socked it to all.)

These days, it seems that only Rabbi Ingram has the Yiras Shomayim and guts to get up and say the Torah truth (as witnessed by his repeated letters in the AJN - for which he often gets criticised and attacked in response).

(Can anyone explain why the other rabbis and Orthodox organisations, eg, COSV, RCV, ORA the Melb and Sydney Beth Dins are so passive and relaxed about this Chazerai?

Forwarded message ----------
From: Rabbi Chaim Ingram
Date: Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 9:55 PM
Subject: Fw: Progressive Judaism backs marriage Star Online

The AJN has fallen to a new abyss of irreponsibility by giving this story such promotion.

Note that the self-styled rabbinic council of progressive rabbis purports to speak on behalf of us all!(" ..the Jewish people are all too familiar with discrimination and worse and we reject it ....") not to mention that they equate opposition to gay marriage with antisemitism, cholilo.

This is dangerous stuff. Not only because of the push towards gay union but because the whole Jewish community will be implicated. No other group purporting to represent a religion has come out in Australia to lobby in this way.
Please post this out to anyone on your group who can help counteract. Write to your MPs. Write to the AJN and general press. The AJN has a poll asking if same-sex marriage should be legalised. Get online and vote NO!

Let the voice of the sane silent majority be heard.

Rabbi Chaim Ingram
41, Llandaff Street, Bondi Junction, 2022
MOB: 0423-831845

And another relevant comment from an AJNWatch reader: Heski said...

From Rabbi Ralph: "I have a problem with those Chareidim who are so obsessed with the depiction of women that they minimise essential Jewish and Halachik concepts like “kavod habriyut” (respect for humanity created in G-d’s image)" So Rabbi Ralph seems to be using the same argument that trhe Chareidim must have photographs of Ladies in their papers as our Reform Clergy are using to claim that we need same sex marriages! Seems that Rabbi Ralph hasn't taken an interest in this preverted claim re same sex marriages. He must ne too busy worrying what the Brooklyn Chassidim are doing.

Meanwhile we are pleased to report that Rabbi Ingram's plea has not been in vain and has elicited this  response to the AJN from the president of the NSW Rabbinical Council, Rabbi Yossi Feldman.

Orthodox rabbis reject same-sex union call

WE, the executive and members of the Rabbinical Council of NSW (RCNSW) totally reject the statement of the Rabbinic Council for Progressive Rabbis on same-sex union (AJN 03/06).

The Torah, basis of all Judaism, explicitly prohibits homosexuality. Therefore the rabbinate cannot condone a homosexual lifestyle. Moreover Judaism believes in the promotion in the wider society of the basic moral and ethical principles enshrined in the Noachide Code one of which is the proscription of homosexual relations.

No Torah-abiding Jew can ever make peace with the notion of legalising or validating homosexual union in any society of which he or she is a part.

Rabbi Yosef Feldman
President, RCNSW

Would it be too much to expect that the Rabbinical Council of Victoria issue a similarly worded statement? Or would it be unfair to expect Rabbi Glasman risking the ire of his new employers - who may not be all that enamored by their rabbi being 'politically incorrect'?

On the other hand, how will he and the other nervous rabbis explain to their flock the Torah reading for Yom Kippur Mincha (reproduced above)?