Monday, June 25, 2012

Discriminating rabbiettes - how unprogressive!

So the reform progressives are not treating their rabbi-ettes equally to their male colleagues. What a shocker!

More here.

Hopefully the local ones get better treatment or someone may dob them in to the Equal Opportunities Board (or whatever that outfit is called these days).

Meanwhile doing some quick research into the topic of rabbiesses (as a sort of a follow-up to our recent dissertation on the local variety, we were  more than excited to read about the appointment of the first black female Reform clergywoman. (Also here)

And while we were wondering how much her pay packet was compared (even) to white Reform clergywomen, weread that she has since been fired! (Not chalilah vechas because she was black. Of course not. The excuse given was that she wasn't a "good fit".  Yeah, sure.  We believe that - even if you don't.)
Here's a link to the "Rosh Pina Project" site for their view on this sacking.

Maybe next time they should try a  Vietnamese or Red Indian lady. That may fit them better. Even smarter would be employing a Chinese reverend who could also prepare some great Chinese recipes to be served after the Friday evening services. That could increase crowds and membership enabling them to pay her a decent wage.

Finally, should any of our "temples" be seeking a truly interesting female character to pastor their needs, why not give this tatooed lady a chance to show her wares?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Rebbe says: "You need a rebbe"


This past Shabbos, amongst the half-a-dozen Chabad publications found in Shuls was this one - a relatively new project trying to teach Chabadniks some basic Yiddish, by translating the rebbe's Sichos in a (grade 3-4 level) user-friendly form. As someone who speaks, loves and reads Yiddish, I applaud them for this most belated undertaking - after decades of almost 'criminal' neglect for the language of the Chabad (and all other) rebbes.

But what amazed me was the front cover of this "Extended (I think they meant 'expanded") ג' תמוז Edition" where in large font we are told about "THE NEED FOR A REBBE".

Are the publishers hinting something here? Is there something happening in the Chabad world to seriously consider the possibility of appointing a new rebbe? Every single one of my Chabad friends dismisses such a possibility, but then most of them are not too high up in the organisation to really know about such matters. But if such a move is  completely out of the question, how does that jell with the rebbe's view that there is a need for a rebbe?

I know for a fact the your blog is very well read amongst Chabadniks in Sydney and Melbourne as well as overseas. So maybe one of them could advise us if my speculation has any merit.

And thank you AJN WATCH for a most interesting and relevant website (despite the fact that I may sometimes disagree with your viewpoint).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Missing comments

It seems that a few recent comments sent to AJNWatch have disappeared before we had a chance to moderate them.

If yours is one of those - please resend and accept our apologies.

Friday, June 8, 2012

KA and the Treif restaurant in the Jewish News

We have countless times criticised the AJN for advertising non-Kosher establishments and products. (See here, here, here and here.)It is shameful behaviour proving that they sell their souls for a few dollars.

One would never see a non-Halal eatery advertised in a Muslim publication. But the 'voice of Australian Jewry" has no qualms about promoting desecration of Torah laws and at the same time hurting the feelings of thousands of traditional and Torah-observant Jews.

This week their insensitive behaviour went a step further. Opposite a half-page advertisement inserted by the NSW Kashrut Authority publicizing their services, the AJN placed a full page full colour ad for a Treif restaurant.

"Zeh keneged zeh"! What a disgrace! Are they totally brainless?

The KA should refuse to pay for this repulsive stab in their back by the publishers and generally should reconsider the value or even if there is a  Halachic hetter of adverting in such a publication.

And that,  by the way, goes for all religious institutions and organisations (and families) Australia-wide.

These day with the Hamodia widely available as well as email lists compiled by all groups, there is far less need to use the services of people who repeatedly spit in our face and degrade our religion.

 Think about it.

Shabbat Auctions

When walking past an auction board in our 'frum' neighbourhoods and seeing that it will take place on a Shabbat, one often hears murmurings accusing the estate agent of 'anti-semitism'.

We strongly disagree and suggest it just shows a lack of professionalism on part of the agency who after all these years haven't caught on that by having a Saturday auction they are missing out on the possible bids of Orthodox Jews. If vendors and agents want more buyers at auctions, Saturday is the wrong day to have them.

By the way when they place their advertisements in the AJN, you'd expect that the staff member handling the call should have enough 'seichel' to enlighten the agency about this most vital issue.

This 'krenk' is noticeable in both Melbourne a Sydney. The above auction notice was placed in this week's Sydney edition.

Pull up your socks, estate agents and the Jewish News.

PS: We realise that there are possible solutions to overcome this Halachically. However to do it in a 100% Kosher (and legal) way is not so simple. There is no reason why Orthodox Jews deserve this extra headache.

Reform rabbis and circus clowns

"Krusty the Clown" - another  beneficiary of Israel's Ministry for Culture and Sport?

There has been a lot of publicity in the Israel and Jewish media about the 'recognition' of reform clergypeople by the Israeli government insofar as a handful of them will now qualify for a government salary. It is obviously a move by the Israeli government to basically "shut up" the Reform movements stirrers in the US, some of who have far too much influence on ministers and Israeli internal affairs.

It is telling that the single 'redeeming feature' (if that's what it can be called) of this news was that the salary to be paid will not be forthcoming from the Ministry of Religion budget but rather from the Sports and Culture Ministry. AJNWatch presumes that this is the government department that allocates funds to theatres and actors, circuses and clowns. In a way this seems quite apt when considering the acting out and farce of Judaism that those clergy-performers do within and without their religion's temples.

 AJNWatch has yet to notice any Reform commentator mentioning this underhanded insult to their leaders.

* * *
Meanwhile our local rabbinate responds with the (more or less) as expected feeble statement to this outrageous stab in the heart of traditional Torah Judaism.  (See here.)

What is it with our respected rabbis? Is there really nothing that is holy and dear to them to be worthy enough to issue a firm and unyielding condemnation upon this shameful travesty? Had this happened a decade or two ago there would've been loud protests and no shortage of condemnations. But these days the only time we hear strong statements from rabbis are when it comes to Rabbi Meir Rabi and his Kashrut supervision organisation. Everything else is hushed up and swept under the rabbinical carpets.  

The explanation usually whispered is that they fear upsetting some congregants should they be seen as criticising anything done by the Israeli government. Of course that is total nonsense as rabbis are expected to fight for and defend our religion. And doing so, their members will respect them for being open, honest and fearless.
Have they forgotten the Torah's command לא תגורו בפני איש?
And in the case of Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, who to the best of our knowledge no longer occupies a pulpit - and isn't known to be a shrinking violet, what's his excuse? He certainly has no membership to fear. Why couldn't he say something more substantial then what we read in the article?  His wise and eloquent father, the late Rabbi Chaim always showed the way on how to put forward the Torah viewpoint loudly and fearlessly - even if unpopular with certain segments of the community. It's a shame, really.
Looks like it'll again be up to the conscience of rabbinical Australia, Rabbi Chaim Ingram to again go into battle in defence of the Torah.

* * * * *
Meanwhile a reader who states that he is a Chabad Chassid is most upset about the way the Australian rabbinate - the majority of whom are Chabad - have forgotten the unyielding campaigns led by the late Rebbe against the Reform movement.

He sent us a link to a website from where we bring the following words of the Rebbe: (There is much more there for those interested.)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chutzpah: Look who's sermonising Rambam and Remah!!

Should we laugh or cry? An assistant "rabbiette" from Melbourne's Reform Temple is "delving into Jewish sources" - quoting Shas and Poskim about the "religious obligation" to report child abuse allegations. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling.
[Just to make it clear, AJNWatch does not at all disagree with her conclusions about this sad and tragic issue and we accept the Psak Halacha of the gedolei hador, Rav Wosner, Rav Elyashiv, Rab M Shafran and others, that abuse claims should at the first instance be referred to the police and those authorities who are legally qualified and trained to investigate and handle these charges.

Having said that,] we express our incredulity at the unbelievable gall of a Reform clergyperson piously lecturing us and referring to the Chazal, Rambam, Rema and even Rav Eliezer Waldenberg.

(The same condemnation, by the way, goes to the AJN and its editor. Zeddy Lawrence really couldn't find a more suitably qualified writer, ie, an Orthodox Torah observing rabbi to state the Halachic case? Does anyone doubt that eg, Zeddy's brother. Sydney's Rabbi Jeremy couldn't have given the Torah viewpoint?) 

But seeing that you are "delving into Jewish sources", why don't you, Madam Rabbi, tell us what all of them have to say about the lifestyles of you parishioners and indeed members of the clergy of the Reform religion? Eg, the desecration of the Shabbat, intermarriage and/or consumption of Nevelot uTreifot? Indeed deleting almost the entire body of Halacha!

Or maybe you can inform us of their views regarding the way that you have duped hundreds of thousands of naive gentiles into believing that your hocus-pocus ceremony in a "Temple"  transforms them into Jews. And how they then marry them to trusting but ignorant "Kosher" Jews who have no idea that Halachically their new spouse isn't Jewish at all. And in cases where the 'convert' is female, neither are her children. Though, as this blog has previously revealed, being a 100% gentile is no holdback from becoming a rabbiette - as is a  colleague of yours (an unconverted daughter of an unconverted gentile woman). We wonder what any of the "Jewish sources" you quote would say upon hearing that not being Jewish is no bar to being employed as Temple clergy. 

Seriously, you sure have a nerve lecturing on what "Jewish sources" decree. Sources that you and your colleagues have disregarded and defied from the day that the deformed Reform idea was launched.

In addition to the reader having to endure your disingenuousness you mislead and deceive by 'cherry=picking' both your Rambams and your Chillul Hashems. This is unforgiveable.

You sanctimoniously quote Rambam thus:
but completely and deliberately overlook a few paragraphs on, where he so perfectly describes the appalling Chillul Hashem (and immeasurable damage) that you Reform clergypeople have been responsible for for almost 2 centuries - promoting assimilation and spiritually destroying vast segments of Jewry. 

Read here what else the Rambam has to say about Chillul Hashem and put his words in your next AJN article.

By the way, we wonder, seeing that Kim is such an expert on the Rambam, did she happen to notice how she and her religion contravene and corrupt thousands and thousands of edicts stated in that very same Mishnah Torah? How could she not feel hypocritical when writing that article?

Furthermore, seeing that you are in to Psika of Rav Waldenberg maybe you could bring yourself to be honest enough to tell us about his views on you and all other Reform "rabbis" and about the caricature and mockery of Judaism that your version of religion has created.

Monday, June 4, 2012

London calling: "Shavuos or Purim?" IMPORTANT UPDATE!

To the Editor of Ajnwatch.

I am one of your loyal fans who lives in London. Despite the  mainly local content on the blog, I really enjoy it, its style, great photographs and cartoons.

I especially shep nachas when you give the local Jewish (belaaz) rag 'in pippik arein'.

To the best of my knowledge we don't have anything like it here in the UK. (Probably because those who could and should be doing such work, aren't enamoured by the whole internet thing. While I understand them, I feel that there is a necessity for the "Veda mashiv shetoshiv le'apikores" - something which your blog does VERY well.

Keep up the great work!

Meanwhile I attach an ad in a recent issue of the 'frum' weekly The Jewish Tribune (published by our own Agudas Yisroel organisation).

I was not the only person here who was upset that the publishers allowed this advertisement which disrespectfully downgrades the holy Yom Tov of Kabolas Hatorah and Maamad Har Sinai to a 'festival' for 'boozing'.

"Counting the days to Shavuos" with wine and liquour! What next?

Now, had it been in the Jewish Chronicle, which has about as much feeling for Yiddishkeit as your Jewish News, 'hechrashti'. But to see this in our most frum of publications - 'es passt nisht'.

Update - 5th June 2012

It seems that our London Correspondent was not the only one to be upset at the inclusion of the above advertisement in the JT. The following issue of that weekly carried this apology from the publishers:

ומודה ועוזב ירוחם

Friday, June 1, 2012

?מה לכהן בבית הקברות

Posted by Mrs KL from Sydney
I was a bit shocked when opening the AJN this week to see the above picture, of "His Holiness" the Dalai Lama placing some type of a Reform Tallis around the shoulders of Rabbi Leibl Wolf.

My first reaction was ?מה לכהן בבית הקברות
What's a rabbi doing with this  אבי אבות הטומאה - the head-"Galach" of a leading עבודה זרה?

Then I did a Google search and was even more shocked to read an article in the LA Jewish Journal (from 2001) informing us that Rabbi Wolf studied "with such luminaries as the revered Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson and the Dalai Lama"
WHAT!? Not even a 'lehavdil'?

(And did Leibl really study "bechavrusa" with those gentlemen? Hard to believe.)

I am sure that Rabbi Wolf knows of the hundreds - if not thousands - of secular and uncommitted Jewish kids caught in the net of the Buddhist religion all over the world. Giving his "hechsher" to the leader of this 'klipah' makes matters much, much worse.

Thank you AJN Watch for allowing me to vent.