Monday, June 25, 2012

Discriminating rabbiettes - how unprogressive!

So the reform progressives are not treating their rabbi-ettes equally to their male colleagues. What a shocker!

More here.

Hopefully the local ones get better treatment or someone may dob them in to the Equal Opportunities Board (or whatever that outfit is called these days).

Meanwhile doing some quick research into the topic of rabbiesses (as a sort of a follow-up to our recent dissertation on the local variety, we were  more than excited to read about the appointment of the first black female Reform clergywoman. (Also here)

And while we were wondering how much her pay packet was compared (even) to white Reform clergywomen, weread that she has since been fired! (Not chalilah vechas because she was black. Of course not. The excuse given was that she wasn't a "good fit".  Yeah, sure.  We believe that - even if you don't.)
Here's a link to the "Rosh Pina Project" site for their view on this sacking.

Maybe next time they should try a  Vietnamese or Red Indian lady. That may fit them better. Even smarter would be employing a Chinese reverend who could also prepare some great Chinese recipes to be served after the Friday evening services. That could increase crowds and membership enabling them to pay her a decent wage.

Finally, should any of our "temples" be seeking a truly interesting female character to pastor their needs, why not give this tatooed lady a chance to show her wares?


  1. OK, so you're a racist. Why publicise it?

  2. Now the rabbiettes are going to church on sunday... in Australia
    1. one reconstructionist jewess doth not "representation from the Jewish faith" make - even with constant media publicity.
    2. during training she should have learned that a Jew is not permitted to attend a service in a church.
    Multifaith....excluding Jews....except her variety.
    Now what were we saying about discrimination?
    We all grieve for drowned desperate asylum seekers...but don't expect us in church.


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