Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Celebrating the birthday of Rabbi Shem Tov !

J-Wire September 23, 2009

Yeshiva celebrates birthday of Rabbi Shem Tov

Fortunately J-Wire didn't write that his first name was "Baal"...

(We look forward to their report on 7 Adar regarding the yahrzeit of Rabbi Rabeinu.)


  1. If you look at the article, it's clear the problem is with the editor who wrote the headline, rather than the article itself.

    Who owns J-wire?

  2. Seems to be a one-man show> A Harry Benjamin - who, as we commented some time ago, sends out a daily email - 7 days a week - including Shabbat. (He did not send any out on RosH Hashana.)

    He obviously knows very little about (the history of) chasidus. While he did not write that 'Rabbi Shem Tov' piece, it sure should have gone through a decent sub-edit.


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