Thursday, September 24, 2009

"AJN shmutz-dredging"

Kudos to Ms Goodvach for her condemnation of the AJN and its disgusting reporting style – especially regarding orthodox rabbis.
Dredging up shmutz seems to be the AJN’s speciality and unfortuantely we here at AJN Watch expect nothing better from them.


  1. Aren't you dredging up shmutz about Alex Fein in your earlier thread's comments where your trying to substantiate anonymous revelations? Very poor form.

  2. A number of our readers have alleged that Fein is not being 100% honest with her blog's readers and in media 'publicity shtik' by not revealing certain important facts about personal life. Allegedly this information, were it disclosed, would make much of her views far more comprehensible (though FAR less acceptable).

    Maybe Fein should be taking a good hard look at herself before attacking others in the Jewish community.

  3. It's very easy to discredit someone by saying things like
    "a number of our readers have allerged that" or "maybe Fein should should be taking a good hard look at herself beforts jounalistic integrity.
    e attacking others in the Jewish community". Why don't these readers reveal their sources or actually mention what these revelations are? Then again, This narrow minded and useless blog isn't know for its journalistic integrity.

  4. David, Fein has (at least partially) come clean.
    See blog post "Alex Fein responds".

  5. Actually, the 'schmutz' on Fein is directly relevant to her argument and her platform. Unlike the AJN example, it is not muckraking, but goes to the core of her credibility and transparency. Thus far, she's behind on both counts.

  6. To say that Fein's relationship with someone and then to openly discuss religion is a pathetic excuse to discredit Fein. If you have ever seen her talk she is not shy about the relationship. She has her reasons for not yelling from the roof tops about it.

    However, to discredit what she says simply because she married a Muslim is pathetic. Does that mean that people here because they are married to Jews, or married at all that their views are should be viewed with scepticism?

  7. I just have been cut out by the "coming clean" vendetta cheer leader, master and commander of her blog property Ms Fein aka SJ.
    If you reed my postings under Sydyid you shall observe that Ms Fein's manipulation of issues and her bevy of unsuspecting sycophants has nothing to do with legitimate concerns for our community and its main concerns, but only with an exercise of bitter vengence on her idiosyncratic perception of a Jewish community dominated by "illegitimate authoritarian despots".

    She would launch a "theme" with apparent balanced views and seemingly legitimate concerns. In fact a regurgitation of platitudes under the aura of serious personal concerns.
    Under her wing she protects a coterie of irrational objectors to main Jewish notions, among them non Jews with standard anti Semitic traces in their stances. They must have a certain degree of argumentative energy and relatively educated. These people are the kind that are purposely seeking blogs to encounter and, of course, attack genuine supporters of Jewish values. The arguments must flow in order to promote anti Jewish views and, naturally, increase the numbers of contributors; part of the same quest for autheticity that Alex Fein is engaged in. If someone, say myself, argues with her class pets in a dismissive AND successful manner, however in a decent fashion,
    practically proving her protegees completely wrong and the same protegees succumb and even signal their retirement from the blog, then Fein intervenes immediately and brutally, invokes some ad hoc reason for cutting the successful litigant off and zeu ze !! You are stamped out, just like Daniel Lewis, Michael Burd.

    The viciousness with which she approaches personal leadership of our community, at the highest levels, see Robert Goot and Peter Wertheim ,falls into the serious cathegory of LIBEL. I do not care if she is sued or not, what I care is for people whom I have known for decades to be by far the most decent and hard working in our community, not to be dragged into mud by someone who not only has never met any of her "targets", but who has not done in her entire life ten minutes worth of work compared to my above good friends' tireless dedication to us all.

    Her actual purpose has nothing to do with pretended passion for improvement, but with a deranged quest for selfprommotion at any cost and by any means.
    The only reason she is not approaching religious institution is not because of respect but because her exposure and knowledge of our religion amounts to gurnisht,and also, implicitely, because she couldn't possibly acquire the same class of sycophants with authority in matter halachic to support the same personal quest for proeminence.
    However, where there might be a confluence of grievances between her specific targets and what the religious, even Orthodox community may have, the danger is that our learned Orthodox community may consider her as a legitimate fellow traveller. Nothing could possibly be more damaging, more deluding.
    I posted a blant attack on her blog as my last hurrah ( and she posted it in spite of her face simply because she could not retort, but thought that IT will !!! ) in which a pulled no punches and exposed her from drastic angles of disgust. As such, Alex Fain is but a spec in the complexity of our issues, totally irelevant, non consequential. Hysterical yes, of real impact, definitely NOT.

  8. Thanks everyone for views on Alex Fein and her blog. However we feel that for such an irrelevant individual/blog the interest levels have reached the 'crashing bore' stage.
    Thus in the absence of new/interesting material we shall reject further comment about her.


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