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Alex Fein responds

A Very Dirty Business: AJN Watch Gets Personal
Posted by sensiblejew on September 25, 2009

AJN Watch is a nasty little site, run by people who have some serious issues with the Jewish News, homosexuals, and now me, among others. What makes their latest post so special is that they feel they have stumbled upon some extremely hot, breaking news.
What these people do not realise is that their, “latest scoop” is already known to everyone who has a passing acquaintance with me. They allude to various dark secrets in my past, using suspiciously similar language to the Sensible Jew’s troll (who has now taken to writing gay bashing emails of late – he is clearly unwell).

As AJN Watch is written by one or more anonymous cowards, they don’t make any concrete revelations because they clearly fear legal retribution and, I suppose, exposure.
If their identities were exposed, it would be interesting to see what various legal remedies any number of people in the community might seek.

As for those of you who don’t already know the deep, dark secret they want to reveal about me, it’s very simple:
My ex-husband and his family come from a repressive Middle Eastern country.
Though nominally Muslim, they are utterly secular and repudiate any show of religiosity. Their views on any political topic would be very welcome at pretty much any Shabbat dinner table. Indeed they graced our table at numerous Shabbatot and chagim and some of my warmest memories involve their joining in the singing at family Seders.
All these people – both family and friends – are our well-wishers. They are people with identical sentiments regarding liberal democracy, and would surprise the uninitiated with their admiration of Jews and Israel. One of them asked me how he could make his family more, “Jewish.” It took a while for me to work out what he meant. His view was that there was nothing stronger than the bonds of a Jewish family, that education was highly valued, and that community was also very important.

For a number of political reasons, my ex-family and my circle of friends really didn’t need to be publicly associated with a Zionist blogger. That is why I began this site anonymously. When I came out, it was under the naive assumption that Jews in our community would not actually want to drag the names of some of the only friends they have in the Middle East through the mud, and potentially compromise their well-being.

AJN Watch believes that if more Jews knew about my ex-husband, they would be revolted enough to abandon this site in droves.

From comments, emails, Facebook activity, and the people I actually know in person, I know that most Jews are better than that. Most Jews are smart enough not to be repelled by someone’s ethnicity or religion. Most Jews are smart enough to know that when you have few friends in a region, you don’t make their lives as unpleasant as possible all in the name of running a cowardly vendetta.

So, AJN Watch, please know, if you continue in this grubby campaign, there are increasing numbers of us who might enjoy the opportunity to expose you and your sources, to gather some legal advice, and to see which government departments would take an interest in such a malicious and vindictive hate site.


  1. Fein can dish out the shit on other Jews but spits the dummy and makes threats when the spot light is turned on backbone what so ever M/s Fein.

  2. I have a mate who knows a fair bit about law. He has been following AJNwatch since its inception.
    (He too doesn't like the Jewish News.)
    He states categorically that there has NEVER been a single sentence in the blog which could be in any way considered actionable.

    Which has given him the theory that one of the faces behind this blog could well be a lawyer.

    As I responded to him "Ah well, no one is perfect..."

  3. AJN Watch might want to take the legal advice of this friend of a friend. Lots of us are hoping it will. We are sitting back and waiting for the post that pushes things over the edge. How many lawyers are waiting to make a name for themselves on a vilification issue? How many judges? How many politicians would want to jump on that bandwagon? Oh well. I guess we'll just have to wait and see and hope that AJN Watch gets its legal advice off forums on the the internet. By the way, you know that you're legally liable for the comments on this site as well. This should be good.

  4. Which has given him the theory that one of the faces behind this blog could well be a lawyer.

    You don't need to be a lawyer to stay out of court. The charge these people are raising is defamation. Speaking the truth is an easy defence. A number of friends of Mzzz Fein have thrown legal threats around in the past, with no possible basis in the real world. It's quite hilarious to watch their hissy-fits. They have a seriously thin skin and a glass jaw. Boy can they dish it out on others though.

    For example, a person posting under the pseudonym "Wolfie" asked Fein for Michael Burd's email address, and sent him a threat of legal action, suggesting Burd had somehow damaged his reputation.

    He seriously thought you could defame a pseudonym or anonymous entity, and embarrassed himself. Burd acted like a gentlemen, but should have simply said "bring it on", hired the best QC he could find and given them a very expensive education..

    I'm not sure if AJNWatch is a lawyer but it's pretty damned obvious those throwing the threats around are not...

  5. I thought it may interest AJNwatchers the only comment een allowed by Fein the Tolerant to her above post - on her website:

    Edders said

    You see, I told you were more famous than you thought and while its sad to see someone targetting you in such a personal matter, I’d like to put forward that it means you are making people nervous about your comments. On reading the comments on the blog, I’m just wondering whether some of the people have ever read your blog, for instance

    “David with due respect it is totally naive to believe Feins Islamic connection has no relevance or should be ignored considering her anti Israel and anti Jewish obsession . Anash has a valid point.”

    I haven’t seen you write anything I would consider anti-Israel and while you are critical of the jewish community I wouldn’t say your work is anti-jewish or anti-semetic.

    sensiblejew said
    September 29, 2009 at 6:48 am
    Hi Edders.

    I’m not sure that angering the loony homophobic/misogynist/racist fringe counts as fame :)

    But yeah… a minority of people do tend to get a bit rabid – so much so that they are incapable of actually reading what I write.

    If they did, my staunch Zionism would be obvious, as would my commitment to the welfare of the community. I criticise our leadership only when they do not seem to be acting in our best interests.

    A few people cannot distinguish between criticising leadership and criticising the entire community – Dvir Abramovich made that mistake very publicly in an article printed in both The Sunday Age and The AJN.

    Ironically, when he did that, it drove numerous people to the site, so they could actually read what it’s all about: how to make Jewish life in Australia better. I think the same is happening with the hate site that published its “scoop.”

    At the same time, there are plenty of decent folk out there who disagree with me on a number of issues (Morry and David Werdiger are two good examples), and spark intelligent and necessary debate.

  6. Sensible Muslim,

    Thanks for posting my comment on this site, it means that perhaps people that didn't read it on the Blog, will read it here and laugh at the original poster.

    I love the slanders calling her intolerrant, she snaps when people attack her personally and insinuate that her past relationship with her ex husband has any effect on her attitudes towards the community. This isn't arguing on a level of whether the comments are wrong, it is a cheap personal attack.


  7. Fein is a routine censor and would be right at home running the tightly controlled "debate" (cough) at Loewenstein's website.

    Isn't it amazing how those who cry the loudest for 'more debate' do the most to stifle opinions other than their own.

  8. Not So Fein, actually, Fein doesn't censor critical comments, she censors ones which are abusive and irrelevant to the discussion. If anything she promotes further debate by allowing those who don't agree with her to post.

    It is not shutting out debate by deleting posts which are abusive. Deleting posts which contain actual points to ponder and evidence is anti-debate.

  9. Edders - how do you know what Fein censors and what she does not? I have sent a number of abuse-free messages all of which have been "moderated" as they provide hard evidence refuting her stance.

  10. As of now the last 2 posts on this blog (re Fein) have almost 30 comments. Meanwhile her nasty litle rant at AJN WATCH on her blog has only had 2 comments - both of them saying what a poor ol' loverlely sweetheart Fein is.

    Which naive fool would believe that that tanty of Alex didn't attract more than a few negative comments? Where are they?

    Come on, Ms. Tolerance, tell us!

  11. Fein doesn't censor critical comments, she censors ones which are abusive and irrelevant to the discussion.

    Sorry, you are wrong. She censors perfectly civil comments (including a number of mine) simply because she doesn't agree.

    She is exactly like Loewenstein - an attention seeking control freak.

  12. Andrew, because I've discussed the matter with her several times. I've seen critical comments from people who don't like her views and they are frequent commentators. There are certainly different ways to phrase your statements and questions. I think Fein is intelligent enough to differentiate between what is abusive and not constructive to discussion and what is.

    Irishman, most of Fein's detractors and supporters came here to voice their issues and support for Fein. Hence the lack of comments on her retort to the AJN post.

    Daniel, having had discussions with both Loewenstein and Fein, I do not know where to start in terms of their differences. Loewenstein uses bullshit evidence, extrapolates poll results and testimony to slime an entire community and uses his judaism to get him 15 minutes of infamous attention rather then do something constructive with his time. Fein on the other hand, sets herself up for discussion, she replies to questions and has an open dialouge. I doubt previous posters who say that Fein has blocked their apparently non abusive relevant comments by saying that I've seen negative comments about her views that she allows on the site. If you are so concerned about your comments why don't you ask for an explenation as to why she doesn't post your comments.

  13. My parents family were killed in the holocaust & now all this trouble in Israel. Do I really want to be jewish anymore? Im seriously reviewing that? It just seems so full of guilt, hate, discrimination and I dont find much in common with the materialists who think money will be their salvation either, so....

  14. Anon. You of course have teh democratic right to leave the Jewish people - as have so many over the milennia. But you really think that that will make you happier? In my experience despite all that we have been through, Jews are just as satisfied with their lives as non-Jews and being part of our community is a special reward which most of us appreciate.

  15. Edders, since I don't know your actual identity, reading your posts re Fein I could only assume:

    1. you live on a planet different to ours
    2. you have never read Alex Fein's blog
    3.both of the above
    4. worse, which I cannot fathom

    Alex Fein needs help, of the most competent kind.
    Not only does she cut your comments off, but she kicks you off if you happen to reduce to silence her supporters, while you do it in the most civilised manner.
    Read the "reasons" she has given to " Sydyid" for not posting his comments. Among them: pollysylabic words, expressions which are not of English origin ( Hungarian names of...Hungarian towns ), minutae grammatical analysis - which proves wrong her accolites -, attempts at sarcasm, non-issue arguments. It has been said, but worth repeating; the only reason she is alluded to is because she is buzzing around with her complexes in such a mannic, yet ridiculous way, that sensible - real sensible people - find it temting to have a go at her. Otherwise she has been and shall continue to be, the MOST irrelevant blog/individual/voice/ text in our community. That is if anyone would consider her as part of it. I, for one, do NOT. Why, because that's the way I feel ! Any objection ?

    Don't bother arguing my very last question !

  16. Should I really fear that I would be considered obsessive if again I address the same Edders and includde at least a tangent regarding his/her own obvious obsession, i.e. Alex Fein.
    Here's a harmless truism:
    Critcising, let's say, the Jewish community, Jews in general and Israel, has been and is producing perhaps the richest publishing preoccupation today through all available means.
    A new discipline had, consequently, been formed, being the exercise in distinguishing the determinism and intent of the said criticism.
    I am satisfied that this blog follows principles consistent with well established Jewish percepts, in all matters.
    I am also satisfied that the kind of criticims cultivated by charcters such as - just locally - Lowesnstein, Slezak, Fein and why not the little side kick Edders - have a completely distinct agenda.
    Their agenda aims at affecting negatively our community. And, yes, Fein IS of the same ilk as the others listed. Only her strategy differs. A tiny insight: she ingratiates herself through the vehiculation of known communal terms, introduces personal touch ups relevant to all of us - own family, shabbat dinners, Poilish steitels etc.- and, then, through the vehicle she has created her own - the BLOG - manipulates detractive, anti Israel, anti Australian Jewish communal structures under the "signatures" of pseudonyms which are given full freedom of expression. Right now there is a certain name who has been denying everything of relevance to matters Jewish, using the standard Palestinian anti Semitic argumentation. The shaigetz is having a field day, untouched by the fein eagle eye of the blog's proprietor, unlike a Michael Burd, Daniel Lewis and others of the same school.
    This is insidious in a slightly different manner to Lowesnstein, whom she was supposed to "object" to.
    I will not delve now into descibing her personal motivation. The issue here is the value and intent of objection and, indeed, the precise matters one objects to.
    This is precisely why the SJ should be considered by this blog as the antithesis of its own principles. And, indeed, it is.
    If, among other things, you are oblivious to this, then the REAL question is: if you see that people have figured you out to be indulging in the hazards of ridicule, what do you really, really, try to achieve by displaying to all and sundry your passion for someone who has become the enjoyable object of our derision ?!

  17. I am 100% convinced that "Edders" is none other than Alex Fein herself! Read all her comments here and you too will see it.

  18. PLEASE! No more Alex Fein stuff.


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