Monday, August 16, 2010

So who knocked down Michael Danby?

What a difference 24 hours makes in politics!

It was only yesterday that we reported our Mike standing outside Caulfield Shul - so proud and upright in the centre of Inkerman Road being a traffic hazard (warning?)

Less than 24 hours later Danby is knocked out – together with the KEEP LEFT sign.

So who was it?

An AJN Watch reader with Liberal tendencies - or could it be one of the old ALP “tomato left”? (Though we’d be surprised that too many of those read this blog.)

If anyone witnessed the accident (or “accident”) please drop us a line.


  1. What's the reward for reporting the culprit?

  2. Poor Michael, he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he goes with party loyalty to Labour he has to support gay marriage. But then he faces the wrath of many of his voters of his largely conservative, religious, pro-family value Jewish voters. Hence, he vacillates. Sometimes being a political hack can be so tough! link here:

    MD is also trying to duck the climate change issue. Once again, his loyalties to Labour/Greens vs his politically conservative Jewish voters. Whom should he please? Who is MD's master? link here:

    MD seems to lack any core of Jewish values or political will, or conviction. MD is the proverbial political hack who counts on the the Jews of this district to be easily bought off ensuring his nice comfy job for life.

  3. So you wise one Shoshana - how do you suggest we in Melb Ports should vote?

    Liberal - an open homo
    Secular party - anti all religion
    Green - anto israel -anti business
    Sex party !!
    Family First - may be Ok - but a pure waste of a vote

    or ALP's - Michael Danby who has proven himself to be a firm friend and advocate for the Jewish community and for Israel.

    Shoshana, stop barking and start thinking

  4. Again, what has MD accomplished for our Melbourne Ports district in all these years? I would like a list of noticeable inprovements for our daily living please. I don't think he has heaps to show for himself in that area. Does it really make a bit of difference on any practical level that he cheers for Israel? It makes no difference to the geopolitical situation of the Mid East. We don't live in Israel. We live here. Give the Liberal a chance. A vote for MD/Labour is a vote for the commie Greens who will destroy this economy, and then see if the schools or any Jewish entity can get any funding, public or private, when the Greens/Labour nincompoops (whom MD is a shill and a cheerleader for) put us into am economic depression. Stop being so myopic and small minded and try to look past your nose at the bigger picture for a change. This is about more than useless cheerleading for Israel.

  5. So, enough of the silly personal attacks on someone just for disagreeing with you and let's get back to the issues. It is time for incompetent Labour to go. Say no to the Green's anti-business irrational agenda that will surely put us into an economic depression. And then there will be no funding for anyone. I cannot understand how MD, who is suppossed to be a frum Jew can support the Labour policies and positions. Again, how does this guy live with himself?

  6. Shoshanna

    How do you live with yourself when you moderate posts on your blog to make it look as if a point has been conceded when in fact it has not?

  7. Like what would you have liked Michael to "accomplished" in Melb Ports?
    A new 8-lane highway? A bridge? A racetrack?
    BH our area is pretty well off good roads, with plenty of parks and is high enough on the liveability and safety scales.

    But as for Jewish schools, under your beloved Liberals, they were being literally "robbed" - especially the frum "poor" schools who have open enrolment policies. The Liberals promised time and again to correct the imbalances, but then did nothing.

    The ALP fixed all that up withing months of taking over and Michael deserves a lot of the credit. Just ask Nechama Bendet. If that is not an achievement in your eyes then you really haven't got a clue and shouldn't be commenting.

    Additionally MD has been a fine local politician and has helped dozens of members of our communities with immigration and visa matters. He is accesible and easy to talk to and goes out of his way for all.

    Being such a grouch doesn't help the Liberals

  8. Shoshanna Silcove said...
    So, enough of the silly personal attacks on someone just for disagreeing with you and let's get back to the issues. It is time for incompetent Labour to go. Say no to the Green's anti-business irrational agenda that will surely put us into an economic depression....

    So Shosh who you voting for, the Liberal homosexual or teh Sex party candidate?

  9. People really need to think carefully when voting. This was classed as a boring election campaign but never has there been a more startling difference in the parties and the leaders, their commitment, values and plans for Australia. Labor will be led by the crazy anti-business pro-Palestinian Greens, maybe 12% of the population
    controlling 100%.

    And don't forget what horrific money managers the ALP has proven to be. Don’t ever forget Garrett’s words during the 2007 election campaign. “When we get in we will change everything” as that is what will happen after this election if they win. The rail links will be the first to go, and after that the Nationl Broadband Network.
    Do we really want a government run Broadband? What for? Nothing will be done, as always, with heaps of 'spin' and smoke and mirrors trying to convince us otherwise, between the end of this election and the beginning of the next, should the ALP win. There will of course be a lot of activity but it will not result in anything useful being produced. Meanwhile rates and taxes will skyrocket. Just wait until their carbon tax hits and watch your utility bills go through the roof!

    Julia is a master of deceit and sleight of hand. If she gets in again it will be the corrupted unions running this country along with the wacky Greens. This is a woman who is a former communist party member and admitted openly that she never wanted to have children and that she doesn't believe in G-d. Not someone to be trusted but a self serving atheist and a cold hearted ambitious power hungry woman indeed.


    Danby sets things straight on marriage Danby sets things straight on marriage Written by Michael Magnusson | 17 August 2010

    Labor member for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby claims his comments about gay marriage made at a candidates’ forum on August 10 were misinterpreted.

    At the forum Danby said he was not supporting changing the legislation for gay marriage. “But it's coming,” he added, “and in the next government I will expect there will be serious movement within the Labor Party on that issue, and I know a number of other people apart from myself will be running with it.”

    Danby's comments at the forum were recorded by SBS radio.

    Following a media release from Secular Party candidate Gregory Storer saying the comments showed a shift in Labor policy, Danby issued a statement saying he only suggested gay marriage was an issue ''which future governments would need to deal with''.

    In the statement Danby says he also conceded at the forum that there were people within the Labor and Liberal parties who wanted their respective policies changed.

    Danby emphasised that he did not always agree with ALP policy in areas like immigration and human rights.

    Danby recently ran political advertisements featuring the ALSO Foundation’s logo and a picture of himself with drag performer Vivien St James.

    Danby was apparently unaware that St James died in March 2009, a fact that was disclosed to him at the forum.

    More recent advertisements drop both the ALSO logo and the St James image

    Shoshanna says, " MD is definitely looking like he will support gay marriage, he is certainly not coming out against it. Which halachik authority do you think he consulted on this issue? I think he asked himself while looking in the mirror chanting 'get those votes!' ".

  11. Matityahu,
    I have as much of a right to comment as anyone else. Who are you? The censor who decides who should comment or not? I find it difficult to understand people who feel they must either insult or try to shut down anyone who has an opinion differing from theirs. Do you not believe in a free exchange of ideas and opinions or do you wish to live under a totalitarian state with you making all the rules? And stop putting words in my mouth. Why can't you merely argue fairly?

    Now, I never said that school funding was not important, however, it is not the only reason to vote for a candidate. I assert once again, that a Labour government (with Greens agenda fueling it) may very well put the entire economy into a depression, and then we can not only kiss our school funding goodbye but, private donations will also go by the wayside. I am looking at the bigger picture.

    He has been in office a full decade. A few visas for a few dozen people, a highway, and some school funding is really not a great list of accomplishments when you think about it. Moreover, there needs to be a huge more done as far as security/crime issues are concerned.

    MD is a sympathiser of legalising gay marriage, a supporter of the climate change fanatics and their carbon tax, a supporter of late term abortion on demand, and supports other Labour policies that I do not and that no frum Jew would. He must find it extremely uncomfortable and must spend may sleepless nights suffering from the cognitive dissonance arising from the many conflicts of being ostensilby a frum Jew and a Labour party member.

  12. My friend wrote me the following comment I agree with 100%:

    Are you in Melbourne Ports Shosh or are you somewhere else. Michael Danby and Kevin Ekendahl!


    Kevin EkenDahl is LIBERAL and is inspiring. I hope he gets in. I was shocked when talking to a friend who I consider very sensible and I found out she and her daughter voted Labor because Danby is good for Jews.
    Well Ekendahl is a yiddishe kid and he is a far better bet than Danby. Danby is a vote for Gillard and the ALP and their debt ridden blunderbus. Danby's performance in the debate was petty. He reminded the audience that a vote for Kevin Ekendahl is a vote for Tony Abbott. Good I want to vote for Abbott and the Liberals and I did. The Liberals need to be put back in so the country can get on track financially and in health and education services."

  13. Silcove's repetetive blabbering is making me nauseaus. Stop posting the same thing again and again. Yes we know you prefer the gay Ekendahl to Danby. Good. Most of us here prefer the 'normal' candidate. Ask your rabbi if voting for a mishkav zacharnik is kosher.

  14. So shosh, back to the original post - was it you who knocked danby of his perch in Inkerman Road?

  15. B'H
    How do you know that Ekendahl is gay??? Are you in his bedroom? He looks like a nice Jewish boy to me and I will not vote for Gillard under whatever guise she uses, real or unreal.
    There is REAL DEBT from this ALP government. Wake up people before it is too late. Tony is far more normal that Jooylieya and her Timmy boy will ever be.

  16. B'H

    No the person who knocked Danby off his perch was probably a drunken or stoned ALP party worker.

  17. Shoshanna says, " MD is definitely looking like he will support gay marriage, he is certainly not coming out against it. Which halachik authority do you think he consulted on this issue?

    For many years now Michael has been a regular at our shul - Elwood. There is enormous mutual respect between him and our rabbis, especially Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick with whom the friendship obviously goes back a long way. No doubt all halachic queries are through him.

    Another rabbi of my acquaintence with who I discussed this told me that there is actually no Torah restriction or even talk about gay marriage. The prohibition is the gay lifestyle which the Torah calls an abomination. Thus MDs vote for or against gay marriage means nothing in a halachic sense.

    However Kevin Ekendahl the Jewish liberal candidate - is living as a gay lifestyle - an abomination.

    How can you live with yourself voting against the Torah?

  18. Ilana (are you a real person or a carboncopy of SS?), you really don't know about nice Jewish boy Ekendahl being gay? You must be the only one around. Do a google on 'kevin ekendahl gay' and you get some 2000 results!

    Here's a few choice ones for you to think about as you cast your vote-

    Q MAGAZINE - the ONLY free to street monthly Gay and Lesbian glossy A5 publication of its kind in the country.

    .... in this issue is an interview with the (gay) Liberal candidate for Melbourne Ports, Kevin Ekendahl.

    Gay Liberal says marriage not be-all
    The “out and proud” Liberal launched his campaign in Caulfield last week and told Southern Star he believes tackling areas such as youth suicide should be a priority over same-sex marriage.
    On the issue of same-sex marriage, Ekendahl said he supports removing “all” discrimination from law, but stopped short of giving a definitive yes or no answer.
    “I absolutely support removing any discrimination that exists in any law and you can take that however you want to,” he said.
    “Some people in the community want me to say it — that I support gay marriage — and what I support is removing discrimination in any law that exists in Australian Parliament.
    Ekendahl said he would continue to push for gay and lesbian rights within the Liberal Party and would be open about his sexuality throughout his campaign.
    “I am who I am, I don’t think people should hide who they are for anyone,” he said.

    Will Kevin win Melbourne Ports for the Libs?
    we talk to Kevin Ekendahl, Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Melbourne Ports,. I

    As a gay man, how did you negotiate coming out, how was that process for you?

    Coming out is one of those continual processes, it’s not something that you just do once. It’s something that even through the workplace you are constantly disclosing your sexuality. I suppose in terms of coming out I’ve been able to reconcile my political activities with my sexuality.

    What I’ve been able to reconcile is I’m all for small government, freedom of the individual, market-driven economies, and I just happen also to be gay as well. And I’ll be fighting for GLBT issues because obviously it affects me and it’s good and just to fight for those issues.

  19. 770 said...
    Silcove's repetetive blabbering is making me nauseaus. Stop posting the same thing again and again.

    So he's gay. Maybe he just hasn't met the right girl yet. That doesn't mean we won't be a good MP. It's not the best, but, still better than Mr. Vote-For-Me-Cause-I Wear-A Yarmulke-In-Shul Danby and the Australian version of the Bolsheviks better known as the ALP, along with the Green Loonies.

    So why read them? What kind of an idiot reads something that makes them sick?
    Why can't you people, and you know who you are, argue issues without acting like snarky whiney teenyboppers?

  20. B'H

    Maybe he could go to counselling or even if he met the right woman that may help. I will personally ask him because I really do have a problem with gay marriage. I do not support it and I do not care how un PC it is. Why are we splitting hairs here?
    It is halachically wrong. People should get married and they should be a man and a woman. I do not support lesbians or homosexuals but on the other hand we cannot deny that they are people and Hashem put them her with a purpose and it may be to commit to a more normal lifestyle and work on their unnatural urges.

  21. On balance if given a bad choice between MD on the one hand and KE (who is gay) on the other, while I am not happy with KE being a proponent of gay rights, I believe the Libs will be better for all of us, including the Jewish community in the long run.

    MD portends to be frum yet supports gay marriage, and regardless if the 'marriage' or the 'act' itself is against halacha per se, I think it means MD is inconsistent (hypocritical) and casts real doubt on his Torah hashkafas. Why would anyone believe that while he may be friendly with a Rav in a shule that he really takes what that Rav says to heart? His actions show differently. KE, on the other hand, is not posturing as a frum person so he is not being inconsistent by being for gay rights. And on balance, his Liberal support of the right side of the issues are more important to me at this point. We cannot win every singe battle, we cannot win every single issue, but at least with the Libs we can be more certain that they will not recklessly crash our economy, and crush our personal freedoms which at this point is my primary concern.

  22. By the way, Ilana Leeds is a real person, a writer, a mom, and she lives in our community.

  23. Jews can be so politically stupid. I really understand,the older I get, just how the Nazis got into power, through deceit and depending on people being apathetic and playing to their emotions. We are not voting for an individual here, but a party. If Michael Danby was a good guy who happened to be in the Nazi party would you still support him? Of course not! The ALP/Greens are the masters of deceit, like all good commies are. And Michael Danby is an apologist for the indefensible. He may have some reedeeming qualities, and the Lib candidate is far from perfect but, the ALP/Greens must go!

  24. How stupid can one be? Comparing the ALP to the Nazis!!!!

  25. OK seeing that Godwin's Law has been invoked, it's time to close this thread.

    [From Wiki: Godwin's law (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies] is a humorous observation made by Mike Godwin in 1989 which has become an Internet adage. It states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches]

    Many of the posts here are now simply repeats of earlier comments. So unless your comment has something new to say - it will be rejected.

  26. B'H

    I actually want to answer the comment that says
    ' How stupid can one be? Comparing the ALP to the Nazis!!!!'
    Well the analogy is closer than you think. The Nazi party was the German National Socialist Party. The ALP is a socialist party with links to some quite fascist left wing nutties (You shake them up their heads rattle and they froth at the mouth and spout Maoist ideologies along with the best of the Nazi Propaganda machine)
    They are fanatics who support idealogical causes rather than people and they are all for social engineering for the socialist cause. DANGEROUS PEOPLE! They do not care about humanity despite their propaganda to the contrary.
    Now Torah is about the refinement and betterment of the individual. One works on oneself and through that we create a better society of individuals who contribute and shape a humane and decent community and society. That is why Torah study is a lifetime occupation and is for all levels of learning from the very young and even those who are learning challenged through to the brilliant Talmudist. I see those who are challenged as somewhat like a racehorse who comes into the race and has a handicap because his or her soul is on such a high level and they have the zehus to refine and perfect the souls of those around them and them (parents, friends or siblings) the opportunity for immense personal growth. The same may be said of a gay person. He or she has this attraction to the same sex and instead of acting on it on a physical level they do refine and temper that attraction into a spiritual love of their fellow beings. I believe most people can be manipulated into homosexual relationships given the right corrupt circumstances and that we should be very wary. Those who try to tell you its 'natural as some people are born gay, are deluding themselves.' We start life with the potential to be either female or male and at a certain point our sex is defined in the womb. The way to get Kevin to a proper lifestyle is not to denigrate him but to see the overall qualities of a caring human being and focus on that and pray for him.

  27. I don't often post here, and given that my comment may be rejected, I won't bother writing a drasha.

    Firstly, thanks for teaching me about Godwin's Law. You learn something new every day.

    Secondly, have you considered asking Michael for comment on the many deep issues raised in this discussion? Or, more importantly, who among his campaign staff put up the poster in the middle of the road? And does he have any comment on it being knocked over?

    Also, our state parliament member, Helen Shardey, is an open worshipper of this religion called "(pro) choice" - and I mean a WORSHIPPER. This franlkly bugs me almost as much as Michael and gay marriage.

  28. To "Desire for Truth":

    You didn't REALLY expect us to publish your comments, did you? (And in Chodesh Elul!)


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