Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mishpacha magazine on Melbourne Jewry

A reader alerted us to a recent article in the popular weekly magazine Mishpacha depicting aspects of Chareidi life in Melbourne. We reproduce some of the more interesting photographs. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)


  1. "Recent"?! This article appeared in Mishpacha in early 2009! The AJN often fails to present the news as it happens, and it appears that the anonymous people behind AJNWatch are likewise only a year or so behind the times!

    Cummon AJNWatch - I expected more from you.

  2. Maybe the people behind AJNWatch don't subscribe to Mishpacha and wait until it is available on line?

    Anyway, it wasn't exactly a news item so reading it now or next year doesn't make much difference. But I did enjoy it - especially the photographs


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