Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rabbi Yossi Braun's 'chassidim' create a blog

Further to our earlier report on the news that Sydney's Rabbi Yossi Braun has been nominated as a candidate for the 3rd position on Crown Heights Beth Din, we have learned that his supporters have established a blog promoting their candidate.

Some interesting posts from that site:

Meanwhile that blog reproduced AJN Watch's brachos to Rabbi Braun "AJN Watch, together with the rest of the Australian Jewish community, wish Rabbi Braun Hatzlacha Rabba" under their heading "Australia will miss him":

Now have a look at what the internet's search engine came up with as a "possibly related post":

The dangers of the internet...


  1. That last bit is VERY funny

  2. S. We have unfortunately rejected all 5 of your comments on this subject. Your link is to a pretty disgusting lashan hara/shmutz blog wich we hope is far beneath our readers standards.

  3. now your making the readers curious

  4. Again to S.
    Whether you wrote it or quote it - that site is pure LH and includes some pretty digsuting language as well. Definitely not suitable for Elul.

    As to your claim about being an E. - we haven't heard or seen anyone else or any site mentioning this.
    Thus this may well also qualify as motzi shem ra.

    No doubt you have access to other blogs whose standards allow such postings. You may try there. But we cannot accept these.

  5. Is AJN watch only going to report a one-sided biased view of only all the websites and blogs (propaganda) supporting Rabbi Braun candidacy without giving any airing of the other side? Isn't this type of bias the AJN Watch criticises the AJN newspaper for?

  6. suddenly AJN are the biggest tzadikim

  7. WADR, the the websites and blogs that you tried to link to are full with leitzanus, lashan hara, bizayon talmidei chachamim and presumably plenty of untruths.

    At the current time - together with all of Klal Yisrael - we are seeking zechusim for both ourselves and our readers to merit a blessed 5771. Helping publicise those websites will do nothing but damage for one's Neshama.

    We hope you understand and wish you a KVT.

  8. I don't know who you are, even if you are a Lubavitcher or not. But it seems to me you don't know very much about Lubavitch so I assume you are not one. You have a real chutzpah to post support of Rabbi Braun without posting any opposing view. You are besmirching many good Chassidim who are living under the duress of mosrim and masters of machlokes who have been destroying the kehillah for years and if Rabbi Braun gets chosen he will be one of their puppets.

    If you are truly sincere you will poat my previous comments to give me an opportunity to defend myself and to show there is another side. . What is the purpose of this bliog anyway? It seems to have turne3d into silliness


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