Saturday, August 28, 2010

Idiotic headline of the week - Disneyland: "the crappiest place on earth"

Actually not only the headline, but the piece below the photograph is pretty idiotic as well.  Disneyland is the 'most xenophobic' and 'crappiest' place on earth? Really?
He can't think of any worse places? Adam Kamien has this time outdone even his usual foolish self.


  1. Adam Kamien - crappiest writer in the AJN

  2. AT the AJN or IN the AJN?

    I suppose AT refers to the premises while IN refers to the paper itself..

  3. It's supposed to be a play on the phrase "Happiest place on earth".

    Got it now?

  4. And what is "most xenophobic place on earth" a play on?

    And what the heck is the AJN doing out there leading the campaign for burkhas? Is the paper the Jewish News or the Muslim News?

  5. it's supposed to be a play on the phrase "happiest place on earth,"
    and if you don't like the way adam writes, don't read the articles.


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