Friday, August 13, 2010

Kosher kvetchers: What next? The pilot should remind them about Yaaleh Veyavo?


Instead of appreciating that they can get a Kosher meal whilst flying, it seems that some travellers expect Qantas to keep one eye on the Jewish calendar and another on the Shulchan Aruch.

Really, did those whingers expect Qantas to inform all employees to keep an eye out for 'forbidden' (Kosher) meat meals?

And then what? Captain announcements for Yaaleh Veyavo and Al HaNissim? A Shofar after Shachris in the month of Ellul?

(And not a little bit hypocritical of the AJN, as they continue to publicise “glatt treif” food establishments – week after week.)


  1. It seems that the AJN published an article that is HIGHLY sympathetic to the needs of frum yidden. They deserve praise, not ridicule.

  2. When people order a kosher meal, they expect a meal that they can eat. When an airline offers kosher meals, it has the responsibility to provide them when ordered, and to keep track of when certain meals are not to be served. They manage it for Pesach; chometz meals are marked not to be served on certain dates and indeed they aren't. Pesach meals are provided, and are served on Pesach, and indeed for up to a week after Pesach, as they get rid of unused stock.

    What's more, because airline passengers have no choice, the provider of kosher meals must cater to the strictest common denominator; that means Pesach meals must not contain kitniyos, even if the caterer is in a majority-Sefardi country such as France, and for the same reason meals during the 9 days should not contain meat, because most passengers are Ashkenazim who are abstaining. Meat meals should be clearly marked not to be served between these dates.

  3. Michael, are you from Australia? I doubr it as if you were a local you'd know that the AJN advertises and writes articles about non-kosher establishments week after week - and has been doing so for decades.

    Thus for them to make an issue of eating - kosher- meat in the 9 days i sthe height of hypocrisy

  4. Milhouse, maybe Qantas should place a mashgiach on each flight!

  5. From the Areivim forum where I sometimes lurk:
    I'm sure that there is no malice intended by serving kosher meat during the nine days, just a lack of understanding on the part of the airlines.

    Me, if I have to travel during the nine days, I'll make sure to find an airline that arranges a siyum before each flight with a meal so I can eat the fleishig dish.

    Ira "flying the friendly skies" Rosen

  6. Are we complaining about a domestic (I will starve if i don't eat for a whole hour when I really could have brought some food with me) flight or an international flight?


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