Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another NSW KA statement: "Every confidence in Melbourne Kashrut"

Just forwarded to us by a Sydney source:


  1. Should we read this as an apology for the earlier statement?

  2. No reason for bringing in meat from Melbourne? How about the fact that they have a better range, better tasking product and it costs a third less?

  3. Sydneysiders should be calling Rabbi Silberberg to thank him for his brave efforts to improve kashrus and to help reduce costs.

    No other rabbi in Sydney - no matter how unhappy he is with the current arrangements - has the guts to face up to Rab Gutnick

  4. If you print anonymous comments spreading loshon hora/motzi shem ra about any rabbi, then you - the blog publishers - are responsible for the spread of these lies to the entire world. This site owes a huge apology to the KA rabbis for the disgusting things written about them, mainly by anonymous commenters.
    You're all (seemingly) so worried about what goes into your mouths, and which rabbi has supervised it - but you should be more worried about what comes OUT of your mouth.

    Whatever you may think about the kashrut situation in Sydney/Melbourne, that does not give you the right to publicly slander a rabbi.

  5. Kol hakavod to Rabbi Gutnick for making this clear, I may be a single voice in favor, however a mistake was made the damage was done, at least he had the mentchlichkeit to respond.

  6. Devorah, you are right. We have in fact rejected many, many comments that disparage both sides of this dispute. Unfortunately one becomes inured to the language and a few unacceptable comments have slipped through.

    We repeat our earlier request to all, please write with derech eretz and in a respectful tone. Otherwise will your comment will be rejected. One can always make a point strongly and firmly without personal attacks.

    And AJN Watch apologises to anyone who feels that they have been hurt.

  7. "one becomes inured to the language and a few unacceptable comments have slipped through"

    then ajnwatch you are not fit for this community position. if you become immune and inured to aveiros you are the problem!

    pathetic excuse and you should take down this blog if it is proving to be too much of a challenge to your yidishkeit.

    i think you are pathetic, you use the blog to bashmutz people whithout knowing everything (story/halachos), this should be published as this is a horaah for the rabim, dont cloak bad intentions with good causes.


  8. Devora!
    I wish if the KA Rabbis would accept your advise and not slander others including the melbourne Supervisions.
    If not for comments on this blog I doubt they would have backed down from their original position.

  9. Has Rabbi Silberberg ever worked in Kashrut? Where does his experience come from? Interesting.....!!!!

  10. I wish that our 11 wise men would have never written THAT letter!

  11. Do we believe the first statement or the second.

  12. As a former Sydneysider now residing in Eretz Yisroel, I am shocked at the short memories that people seem to have. Remember the 80s when the Sydney Beth Din and Yeshiva Rabbinate each had their own kashrus? There was terrible machloikes - it was definitely not good for achdus, kashrus and frumkeit in Sydney. And now everyone thinks that having more than one authority is good as it brings down prices. Tell me, would Passion8 reduce their prices if their meat was shechted by a different authority? How significant would the reduction in costs be if their mashgichim were paid less than the KA pays them (an amount which is already too little, if you ask me)?

    Despite any quibbles one may have with the rabbinic or lay leadership of the KA, the KA is a valuable lesson in achdus and those who have sought to set up their own kashrus in Sydney should be criticised for destroying the wonderful achdus in the Sydney kehilla.

    I would urge the rabbi responsible to meet with Rabbi Gutnick for a frank discussion on ways they can work under the one umbrella.

  13. Raffi, after a week of computer breakdown I am just catching up on this blog and noticed your comment. Hopefully you are as perfect as you expect others to be and have never allowed a nasty comment to slip thru your lips. Otherwise you are simply a hypocrite.

    Australian orthodox jewry needs a blog like this and until you can produce a better ne, keep your opinions to yourself.

    This blog, despite a few blips, is doing a great job for orthodox Jewry being the only one that not only defends frum Jewry and Judaism from those who would bury it, but also from those of "us" - who for the sake of political correctness and 'not to upset' the anti/irreligious crowd will keep shtum even when serious priciples are involved.

    I don't know (or care) who the people behind this blog are, but you have my thanks and appreciation nd that of many many frum families. Chazak va'amatz and keep up the good work and to hXXX with the knockers


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