Thursday, June 10, 2010

Report on THAT Sydney wedding

From "Sydney Wedding Crasher":

I attended that wedding last Sunday and can report that the catering - both food and presentation - was superb. The Fogel family of Melbourne's Eshel Catering really did a beautiful job.

This was not only the view of the 10 or so of us who sat at the 'separate - frum - table', but indeed all whom I spoke to at the simcha. The vast majority were, to be honest, not too fussed on which rabbi gave his seal of approval, but they were quite amazed to learn that catering of such a standard is available in Melbourne for less than half the price of our usual caterers. I got the feeling that we will be seeing far more of the Fogel famiuly hee in Sydney. And good lucl to them. If they can make money and still produce such a wonderful effort 700 kilometres away from the home base - and save us Sydneysiders a packet, then I say, "good on ya our Melbourne mates!"

Oh, and a special 'thank you' to Rabbi Silberberg, for agreeing to oversee the Sydney end of the supervision process. As I understand, it wouldn't have happened without his input.

And for those of our readers who don't buy the AJN, here's their report on the KA v. KA affair:


  1. Yes, I too was at the wedding, not in teh separate area. Many of my fellow guests were not overly-orthodox, and didn't know much about the politics of the evening. But they really tucked into the food and were visibly impressed. Thanks to the Eliases for opening our eyes and showing how one can have a top-class simcha without th eneed to break the bank

  2. Shalom bein adam l'chaveroFriday, June 11, 2010 1:29:00 AM

    I blame the Sydney caterers - particularly Passion8 - for their price gouging. Back in the days when Front Page and Cherry Bim were competitors, there was some room to negotiate. Nowadays, Passion8 is Sydney's only top quality caterer and they can essentially dictate what they charge.

    The issue of costs is really due to the caterers, not the kashrus authorities. Even if Passion8 was allowed to use Melbourne shechted meat and chicken, I doubt this would make any significant impact on the prices they charge.

    The solution? Other caterers in Sydney should improve their perfomance so they can give Passion8 (and Melbourne caterers) a run for their money!

  3. Beautiful wedding. One of the nicest I attended, the catering great. As good as a wedding I was at in Miami last year whichwas reputed to have cost the (Billionaire) mechtanim close to $700 per couple!! (It wasn't worth it.
    Eshel should move to the US, they'll be millionaires themselve sin no time..

  4. Anyone know how much Passion8 pays the KA annually?


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