Sunday, June 13, 2010

Disgraceful AJN reporting on the passing of former Israeli Chief Rabbi

'Disgraceful' and 'appalling' are probably the accurate terms to use when describing the Jewish News report on the death and funeral of Rabbi Mordechain Eliyahu zt”l, former Rishon LeTzion and Sefardi chief rabbi of Israel.

All this, in their view, was worth a few short lines copied from the Jerusalem Post and pasted on  page 19 (!!!).

This sad excuse for ‘journalism’ only reinforces the view of virtually the entire observant Jewish community of Australia, that the AJN treats them and their issues with complete contempt and disrespect. Is it any wonder that more and more members of that segment of our community no longer waste their money or time on the newspaper?

It's not as if Rabbi Eliyahu was a "Charedi", chas vechalilah. He was a leading figure in the "Religious Zionist" (aka "Mizrachi") camp. Shouldn't this qualify his passing as being worthy of more than a few lines on page 19?

And even if not, the fact that over 100,000 people attended in funeral should be newsworthy in itself. How often does that happen - even in the non-Jerwish world?

Meanwhile the Hamodia published by the RZ's 'rival' the Charedim, gave the passing a full-page article presenting a a most respectful obituary as well as a concise biography of the rabbi.

The article includes the following beautiful story (which no doubt would never be published in the AJN):


  1. I once heard someone comment about the Jewish News: "If Moshe Rabeinu came down from Mount Sinai these days with the 10 Commandments, they would have a 4-line report on page 17 saying "Ultra-orthodox rabbi bans adultery"

  2. AJN - Anti Jewish NewsSunday, June 13, 2010 2:48:00 PM

    And what do make of the fact that on eof the oldest Jews in the world (biz 120) arrives on our shore, 105-year=old Rav Kopelman shlita, who continues to actively run the Lucerne Yeshiva giving shiurim and beiung involved with all its facets, and what does the AJN have to say about it?

    Zero, zilch, gornisht!!

    Great newspaper, no?

  3. Well clearly ajnwatch was set up to comment on the AJNs alleged bias against the orthodox community. But I suspect that the blog-master and most of your readers are so unfamiliar with the full breadth of Jewish life that you aren't aware (and perhaps don't care) that the AJN has a strong track record of ignoring or demeaning secular Jewish life. (Indeed I am aware that many of you think that is a tautology. An argument for another day).
    So by way of direct comparison with the passing of Rabbi Eliyahu, the death of Rabbi Sherwin Wine only received a one paragraph mention on page 30-something and the death of Marek Edelman didn't even mention that he was a Bundist despite him having lived his whole life as a member and basing all his activity on those ideals.
    My point ... don't blame on malicious intent, that which can be blamed on incompetency. The latter is far more likely.

  4. Yiddishkeit not YiddishismTuesday, June 15, 2010 2:35:00 PM

    Come on, Khaver...
    Sherwin Wine was a depraved menuval of the worst possible kind (Maybe even the AJN agrees - though I'd be surprised)
    The goyim threw him and 'congregation' out of their premises!

    Here are a few facts cut and pasted from his Wikipedia entry:

    Sherwin Theodore Wine) was a rabbi and a founding figure in Humanistic Judaism. Originally ordained a Reform rabbi, In 1969 Wine founded the Society for Humanistic Judaism. ... that emphasizes secular Jewish culture and Jewish history rather than belief in God

    Wine eventually made the decision to eliminate the word "God" from the services and instead to use new liturgy that extolled Jewish history, culture, and ethical values.
    The Detroit Free Press ran an article in December 1964 with the headline "Suburban Rabbi: 'I Am an Atheist.'"
    The Masonic temple in Birmingham in which the congregation was meeting at the time, expelled the group early in 1965 because it had rejected God. The congregation, purchased land in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and moved into a newly-constructed building in 1971. The Torah scroll was placed in the library rather than at the usual place in the sanctuary. Instead, the sanctuary was adorned with a large sculpture
    Prayers and references to God are excluded from the services even for these holidays.
    Unlike other streams of Judaism, Humanistic Judaism does not condemn or discourage intermarriage, and its clergy are happy to officiate at weddings between Jews and non-Jews.

    On July 21, 2007, Wine and his longtime life partner Richard McMains were in a taxicab headed to a hotel from dinner in Essaouira, Morocco, when their cab was hit by another vehicle. Both Wine and the taxi driver were killed instantly in the car crash. McMains survived the collision although he was seriously injured in the crash.

    Comparing that oysvurf (You obviously know your Yiddish) to a holy Jew like Rabbi Eliyahu is an insult. (Though I realise that it is unintentional)

  5. While khaver's point seem to be that the AJN a simply a bunch of ignorant cut-and-pasters rather than journalists of any standard, it is a serious idictment on the Aust Jewish community that they are so accepting of such sub-standard quality.

    For the onservant community, the arrival of a local edition of Hamodia has been a great boost and it seems to be getting a fair bit of exposure even amongst the irreligious.
    Their quality of journalism is outstanding even if one doesn't agree with their politics.

    Someone told me on Shabbos that he gets all the Jewish info he needs from the hamodia and AJN Watch - so you chaps are in good company

  6. Hey Y not Y
    I was making a point about the AJN. You seem to want to make a point about Rabbi Sherwin Wine. I am not sure what is about him that makes him a "depraved menuval of the worst possible kind" - you seem to imply that his expulsion by goyim is proof of that assertion. The connection escapes me - but I think it's a discussion for another thread.

    My point is that whilst many contributers to this blog seem to think that the AJN has an anti-orthodox bias, I think they show disregard for most streams of Yiddishkait outside a narrow band. But perhaps you think it doesn't matter in regard to secular Jews?


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