Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friday night the Galach "feered tish"

Guest post by DMF:

The Rabbi and the priest. Sounds like some joke, no? Sadly it's not. Caulfield Shul's Rabbi Genende has invited the Rev Tim Costello to "feer tish" for his congregants on Friday night.

Some may say that this shows how certain rabbis have declared themselves "bankrupt" with no "pull" with their members - thus requiring assistance from the Church. (Surprising actually, that Shmuley Boteach has not yet come up with this idea.)

Seriously though, what does this teach our youth and kids? That the spiritual leaders of Avodah Zarah, can teach them something that their rabbanim can't?

What next? Rabbi Genende inviting Hindu priests and Muslim Imams? And maybe Rabbi Wolf and Spiritgrow could outdo even that by hosting a gig for his mate the Dalai Lama at "shaleshoodes"? Nothing would surprise us.

Another item for the agenda of the RCV membership?

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  1. Actually I am surprised that no one has yet announced that some galach or imam will be the featured speaker for their Tikun Leil Shavuot


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