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Community Unity? Sydney KA gives Melbourne's Shechita a serve!

Community Unity

Kosher consumers will have heard of the appearance of a new Kashrut Agency in NSW. Since 1990, Sydney has benefitted from a united kashrut under The Kashrut Authority. The Sydney Beth Din and the Yeshiva rabbinate came together under one banner, bringing an end to many difficult years of machloket within the community. Previously there had been friction and tension when events were hosted. Members of the community required dual supervision or risked alienating guests who would only trust one hechsher or the other. The joint KA, and Sydney’s Kashrut, quickly became the envy of many communities around the world, bringing communal unity and kashrut to the highest standards.

Now it seems this is about to change. Some argue that competition is always good for the community, but is it really good in this case?

At the outset, so that there is no misunderstanding, nothing that is about to be said is intended to reflect badly on any of the principal kashrut organizations in Melbourne. The KA holds each of them in high regard and works closely with them. We have always maintained that it is the duty of every local consumer to fully follow the halachic rulings and take guidance from their own local Rabbinate – and we will support that local rabbinate in full. However, at the same time, it is our duty to expose the truth in relation to what is taking place in our community, for the benefit of our community.

Why does this organisation say it wants a new kashrut agency here in Sydney? Not because it favours competition. Not because there is a problem with KA prices. Instead it has stated clearly that our standards are not up to par, and in particular Sydney chickens are not kosher enough for them. They don’t consider our food to be kosher. To be clear; this is not about using Melbourne caterers and providing a competitive service to the community. The very same caterer that is being used by them now has catered previously in Sydney, with chickens produced under the supervision of the KA.

This time there was more to it. This time there was the insistence that the caterer must use Melbourne chickens (under Melbourne Adass.) They contend that some of the guests simply would refuse to eat the Sydney chickens. Given that the KA cannot supervise a function unless the meat or poultry is under its supervision, as is the normative rabbinic practice; this new group has jumped in to “fill” the “desperate” need that it has itself manufactured.

Let us examine the contention that our chickens are not kosher or not kosher enough.

The Shechita

This year a very respected Rabbi from the United States, Rabbi Rotenberg , who works with the Nibator Rav - the supervisor of shechita for the Hisachdus HoRabbonim of Rabbonim of America (Satmar Shechita)- was brought from the US to inspect the shechita in Melbourne. His findings are not a secret and indeed are quite well known. He reported among other things:

Shechita and especially the checking of the knives (chalef) are difficult tasks, and the shochet must be at ease and not pressured. As such, guidelines have developed overseas as to maximum rates of shechita. The OU shechts at a maximum of 750 birds an hour per shochet, some require as low as 600 birds an hour. In Melbourne the Rabbi found the amount being shechted was 1000 per hour!

Furthermore in general, no pressure should be placed on the shochet to work faster than he feels he can. Rabbi Rotenberg had heard that this pressure unfortunately sometimes takes place in Melbourne.

In contrast, in Sydney, the rate of Shechita is at most 450 birds an hour. Furthermore, in order to reduce the chance of mishap and pressure on the Shochtim, links have been removed from the chain, so that chickens cannot be hung, to ensure forced regular breaks for the shochet.

The Kashering

Rabbi Rotenberg found that chickens in Melbourne are soaked before kashering at a temperature of 4C. Rabbi Rotenberg said that this is not the standard (lechatchila) and chickens processed this way were only acceptable after the fact (b’dieved). He said they must develop a system “similar to the system in Sydney”(!!).

In Sydney, from 1999, when the introduction of chilled water was first canvassed, our Rabbinic Administrator, Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, negotiated with the authorities and they agreed that as mandated in Shulchan Aruch the initial pre-soak would not be chilled. This has remained the standard in Sydney with full co-operation between the chicken manufacturer, The Kashrut Authority and the government. (Soaking in chilled water prior to salting prevents the free flow of blood from the meat during the salting).

Unfortunately in Melbourne this was missed and chilled water was introduced and this is still to be corrected.

Yet we are told by this new group that they cannot eat the Sydney chickens because the standards in Melbourne are so much higher. So let us look further.

Could it be the salting?

Rabbi Feigelstock , a highly regarded and leading posek from South America, who assists us with our Eruv, who is a shochet himself, and has been involved with shechita around the world, inspected our shechita. As well as praising our Shochtim, he said that our salting is of the highest standard and is as good as anywhere in the world.

The Shochtim

Is it perhaps the Shochtim? Everyone knows that Halacha says a shochet must be even more G-d fearing than a rabbi. Perhaps our shochtim are not good enough for these people?

The entire community knows rabbis Perlow and Niasoff. They are both G-d fearing men, loved and respected by their communities. Equally so, our stand-in shochet for fowl, Rabbi Groner. On numerous occasions their “chalafim” have been shown to visiting Rabbis who have praised their talents. At no stage have the local detractors asked to see the chalaf of these shochtim or to view the shechita or even the salting – yet our shechita has been condemned. How insulting that visiting rabbis have recently come from overseas and have told us that they were warned by local individuals that they should not eat our meat because our shochet is not good enough!

So are Melbourne chickens from a kashrut perspective better than Sydney chickens?

Clearly not. Independent review declares Melbourne chickens to be only “b’dieved” - not the way things should be. Consequently, to import Melbourne chickens to Sydney is to import a demonstrably lower standard. How then does one have the audacity to foment disunity in this city based on the falsehood that our standard is inferior?

The answer is that communities become driven by pseudo-elitism. They claim to be holy, and convince themselves and others of the justice of their cause. Factions and new players strive to make a mark by adding credence to their own religiosity through disparaging others. As the Torah teaches us, they are not doing the will of the Creator. By Divine Providence clear lessons can be drawn from the parshiot of the coming weeks , Bha’alotcha , Shlach and Korach. Our sages show that all the tragedy, disunity and rebellion throughout these parshiot comes from one single primary source – the motsi shem ra and lashon hara of just a few individuals The “evil tongue” so despised in Jewish law – defamation and tale bearing which is forbidden even if the words are true, how much more so when they are not true. This talk of inferior standards is simply lashon hara and motsi shem ra masquerading as piety.

Elitism thrives on disunity, because unity implies mutual respect and tolerance – disunity is fertile ground for one to say I am superior to another. It appeals to the ego and to the religious sensibility of those who are invariably misled into following it. These followers are sincerely in search of what they believe is true Torah, and sadly, they are indeed misled into believing, that theirs is the way to come closer to the Creator. Their teachers have forgotten what our sages have taught, that we are in exile not because of the laws of kosher or the laws between man and G-d, but because of our failures in the laws between man and man!

The False Claim of Personal Higher Standards

The Shulchan Aruch (OC Siman 468 and elsewhere) rules that in interpersonal relations, one must even forego a personal stringency or custom rather than create division, or embarrass one’s fellow. The hypocrisy of these people pretending elevated piety is that they overlook or violate fundamental tenets of the very code they claim to uphold.

Competition may be good when it is based on truth and Torah principles, but not when based on lies and manufactured, unsubstantiated accusations of inferiority. If anyone wants to start a kashrut organization to make themselves some money, or they are under the illusion that it will make kashrut cheaper for us all, then let them do it and say so. If they want to open because it makes them feel empowered or worthwhile – gezunterheit , but say so. Please do not propagate the abhorrent falsehood that it is about standards of kashrut or superior levels of religiosity.

We recognize that no kashrut organization is perfect, and no human being is perfect, and where problems are identified we seek to correct them in a professional and transparent manner. We have been asked and we will assist the Melbourne authorities to overcome the cold water regulations issue. However what meets their local reality, including the necessary respected ruling of their Rabbinate, is for their community and cannot be marketed here as superior when it is demonstrably not.

In the meantime, the vast majority of our local Rabbinate, and the vast majority of our local kosher consumers, supports the ideal of communal unity that has developed under our model of one agreed high standard of kashrut, under the joint regulation of those with real experience and expertise in the field. They do not want to go back to the days of disunity and confusion over differing kashrut organizations. We can only hope that those others involved in this new organization, will quickly see the light before irreparable damage is done to kashrut in our city.

The Kashrut Authority
Mr Baron Revelman – President
Rabbi Moshe D Gutnick – Rabbinic Administrator
Rabbi P Feldman - Committee
Rabbi J Lawrence_- Committee
Rabbi D Rogut- Committee
Rabbi Y Ulman- Committee

Rabbi A Perlow – Shochet
Rabbi Y Niasoff – Shochet

Rabbi A Groner – Assistant Rabbinic Administrator
Rev A Amzalek – Senior Supervisor
Rev S Samra – Senior Supervisor

AJN Watch is no authority in Shechita and obviously cannot comment on procedural or halachic concerns. But this lengthy screed seems to indicate that the NSW KA is quite anxious about the likelihood of another Kashrut power in their region.
Issuing this statement is also a dicey move for KA as no doubt the 3 Melbourne Shechita authorities will respond vigorously.

Instead of, or in addition to, ORA lobbying the government on labeling matters, maybe they ought to emphasize to their membership on the hazards of bagging each other.

This notice by KA, by the way, proves the concern by many on granting powers of certifying Kashrut authorities to an organization like ORA where many members would have conflict of interest.

And talking of ORA lobbying, how on earth did they overlook the looming ban on Shechita in New Zealand? The question is especially pertinent to Rabbi Moshe Gutnick who states that he has been sending shochtim there for years. Let's hope ORA direct some of their energy towards ensuring that this disgraceful ban is overturned.

New Zealand bans shechita
By Dan Goldberg · May 28, 2010

SYDNEY (JTA) – New Zealand has banned shechita, the kosher slaughter of animals.

The country’s new animal welfare code, which took effect Friday, mandates that all animals for commercial consumption be stunned prior to slaughter to ensure they are treated “humanely and in accordance with good practice and scientific knowledge.”

The regulation has shocked the Jewish community.
“This decision by the New Zealand government, one which has a Jewish prime minister, is outrageous,” said Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, acting president of the Organization of Rabbis of Australasia. “We will be doing everything possible to get this decision reversed.”
Gutnick, who travels frequently to New Zealand to oversee shechita, added, “One of the last countries I would have expected to bring in this blatantly discriminatory action would have been New Zealand.”

David Zwartz, the chairman of the Wellington Jewish Council, agreed. “I am sure there will objections made that this action is an infringement of the right of Jews to observe their religion,” he said.

Agriculture Minister David Carter rejected a recommendation that shechita be exempt from the new code.

The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee did recommend a dispensation for kosher slaughter in 2001, but the new code does not allow any exemptions.


  1. I think KA is being a bit wily and ingenious here. First of all those of us Sydneyites who prefer Melb Shechita also know the few positive sthat have been enumerated. But ask any knowledgable person and you'll be tol dthat the 3 Melb shechitos have many hidurim and chumros that are almost unjknown of in Sydney. (I look forward to the rabbis in charge there to list them in layman-friendly terms.)

    Secondly, how come that rabbi Rottenberg was welcomed and indeed invited by all Melb shechitos to check out and comment - and offer idea for improvement, while KA wouldn't even allow him access?

    There are plenty of kulos on the NSW list which the Melb KA will not allow. And look into some of the establishments here and you'll may see mashgichim who are not of the highst c alibre to say the least.

    Rabbi Gutnick should not be overly concerned about a bit of competition. It will help improve standards, lower prices for us all and give more options.

  2. Wow! Does Rabbi Moshe give a great serve! His brother Rabbi Mottel will be mightily impressed at the KA criticism of his standards.

    The next family simcha or dinner should be REAL interesting.

  3. To me there seems to be some hypocrisy in the 'unity' statement. (And what about unity between kashrus groups...?)

    Rabbi Moshe Gutnick allows Melb chickens to be used in Sydney, and melb meat and poultry smallgoods are sold in many Sydney outlets - even at Krinskys who are known to be strong supporters of Rabbi Gutnick.

    I feel for Rabbbi Gutnick who feels he is losing his grip on the kashrus monopoly in Sydney. But rabbi - with the greatest respect - lo zu haderech.
    Bashing your opposition and publicly criticising other rabbis and kashrus groups is not acceptable. How do you think your brother who is rav hamachshir in Melb's KA who also have a shechita that you criticise, feels? Your words must pain him. And knowing him, he would never have published such a notice - no matter what.

    It may be too late now, but hopefully this KA mess can be cleaned up and forgotten quickly. Halevai.

  4. If the Kashrut in Sydney is as good as their understanding of UNITY pity help us all!

  5. Any Rabbi who can write such a low public
    letter should not be trusted for Kashrut!

    Its time for the KA to look for more decent Rabbis, who practice Unity rather than only preach it to others.

  6. Wow!
    11 signatures needed!

  7. What's the betting that the other 10 never saw the statement before it was published??

  8. I am aware of 100's of Melbournites who do not eat the meat in Sydney but I doubt that you could find a single Sydneysider who does not eat meat in Melbourne, including the 11 wise men who signed this prominent letter?

    I would like to see when are where someone said that the Sydney meat is not Kosher. It just happens that the level of trust of the supervising Rabbis is questionable, due to putting money before basic mentchlichkeit.

  9. What's good for the Goose is good for the gander!Sunday, May 30, 2010 4:44:00 PM

    Didn't some prominent Rabbi in Sydney take the contract away from the KA and give a private Hashgacha for the Milk powder manufactured in New Zealand. Why were the Rabbis silent then?

  10. goldilocks said...
    What's the betting that the other 10 never saw the statement before it was published??

    Some years ago Rabbi Feldman was very critical of the KA and openly critisized his brother in law RMG when they found non religious Israeli backpackers working as Mashgichim. Rabbi Feldman was not impressed when Ice Cream (that was found to be Milchig) was served at a Fleishig Wedding. In those days he distanced himself from the KA.

    But now Feldman needs as many friends as he can find.

    Rabbi Laurance while he was in Auckland didn't seem to have such worries as the low standards of Shechita in Melbourne.

    How times change!

  11. Stop the Monoply
    For too long the Sydney Kosher Consumer has been held hostage to Rabbis with self interests toi stop cheaper Kosher catering in our town. Some month ago a wedding took place using a Melbourne caterer under the Supervision of the Adass Kehilla in Melbourne. Rabbi Moshe Gutnick used many tactics to try to stop this competition. His fees are miles higher than what Melbourne caterers pay, and he gives his caterers 'protection' from cheaper caterers. This is an old Italian custom called Protection Money. This is not what Kashrut should be about. At the last Wedding after Rabbi Gutnick applied enormous pressure on the Rabbis of the Melbourne Adass and got them to fly a team of their Shochtim and Mashgichim to do the shechita in Sydney to make Rabbi Gutnick look like it is under him. Rabbi Gutnick paid all costs as well as for the meat that was used at that Simcha.
    Now another family chooses to use a Melbourne Adass caterer due to financial reasoins and Adass in Melbourne refuse to disrupt their production and fly up to Sydney again. All food will be from Melbourne under the supervision of Rabbi Beck of the Melbourne Adass. The Adass in Melbourne do not want to supervise the function due to the poressure and hassles they experienced from Rabbi Moshe Gutnick. The Adass in Melbourne together with the caterer Eshel, therfore organized Rabbi SHalom Silberberrg to supervise the frood from when it reaches Sydney. So now Rabbi Gutnick with the assistance of his friends has gone on a public campaign to defame the Melbourne Shechita. A Shechita of higher standards than our own Shechita. Every signaturory to this ugly letter of misinformation eats the Melbourne Shechita.


    This topic seems to be generating a lot of heat – which is OK as long as the language used by commentators is civilized and polite. We have received many comments to this post which we cannot allow on board - as they border on Lashan Hara, rumors and libel.

    Whatever the issue, AJN Watch will not be a platform for vilification and slander.

    We understand the strong feelings of our readers on this subject and recognize our role in allowing the community to ‘let off steam’. But, please. Do so ‘bedarkei noam’. When writing, try to imagine that the person you are talking about is standing face-to-face with you. Would say the same thing directly to him/her? Remember, ‘tone’ is important.

    We invite those people whose comments have not appeared, to resubmit their views in a more ‘courteous’ style. Their points will still come across clearly.


  13. My late father z"l would definetly not have eaten from a Schochet who can sign such a piece of Trash.

  14. The RC of Aust. should take action against Rabbis who publicly defame other Rabbis and other Shechitas.
    It is time somebody stood up to R' MG!

    Only then will we have unity and will be able to afford Kosher.

    Lets follow Mizrachi's lead.

  15. My husband came home from shule tonight and tells me that Rev Perlov has totally denied signing the anti Melbourne Shechita letter.

    Aparently there are over 20 points where the Melbourne Shechita is on a higher standard than ours.
    I can think of a 21st.! Melbourne has Rabbis who don't twist facts and say half story's. Why don't our Rabbis write the truth.Nobody said our Shechita is not Kosher, the problem is our caterers are paying too much too our greedy Rabbis, who by hook or crook are stopping competition. What would the ACCC say that the prices of Sydney caterers are sky high! At least 30% higher than Melbourne prices.

  16. Rabbi Chaim Gutnick was such a Mentch. He never had a problem when other Rabbis threatened his turf. He focussed on the good of the community rather than his own good.

    Why can't his example be followed?

  17. Lets not jump to conclussions like the editor of the letter did!

    Did the Shochtim agree to have there names signed? Maybe their jobs were threatened if the would not sign.

    Lets be bigger that the letters editor and give the Shochtim the benefit of the doubt as Halacha teaches us to.

  18. To protect your Pocket>>>Sunday, May 30, 2010 11:49:00 PM

    Our Rabbis write ".....They claim to be holy, and convince themselves and others of the justice of their cause. Factions and new players strive to make a mark by adding credence to their own religiosity through disparaging others. As the Torah teaches us, they are not doing the will of the Creator. By Divine Providence clear lessons can be drawn from the parshiot of the coming weeks , Bha’alotcha , Shlach and Korach..."

    Could our very holy Rabbis please substantiate these allegations!
    Who? When? Where?

  19. The Posion's Pen RabbisMonday, May 31, 2010 12:28:00 AM

    If there was ever a doubt which city has a better Hechsher this letter puts that to rest.

    Shame on those who could write and distribute such a document.

  20. I just looked at the top ten stories of this site every one either initiates or promotes disharmony between fellow Jews. Any Yirei Shamayim would not look at this site...At least the Jewish news has positive stories as well. Rachmanah Litzlan!

  21. Rachel said...
    I just looked at the top ten stories of this site every one either initiates or promotes disharmony between fellow Jews. Any Yirei Shamayim would not look at this site...At least the Jewish news has positive stories as well. Rachmanah Litzlan!

    It is up to us to demand a stop to practices that cause disharmony.

    Eg. If we demand that the Rabbis of the Sydney KA behave towards other Rabbis with a little respect, rather than emailing posion letters around, Moshiach could already come.

  22. rachel, how did you find the "ten top stories"?
    and how can you criticise the blog for copying a public notice issued by KA?

    what exactly is bothering you? that the truth is being exposed for a change?

    I think most people are desperate to hear what is happening behind the scenes and blogs like this and galus australis are doing a good job.

    and really, who 'promotes disharmony' a discussion forum or rabbis attacking their colleagues?

  23. I heard from my teacher and father-in-law, who was the chief disciple of Rebbe Yechiel Michal of Zlotchov, that once when the Baal Shem Tov was travelling on the road, he stepped into a wooded area to pray the afternoon prayer. His disciples were dumbfounded to see him hitting his head against a tree, crying and screaming. Afterward, they asked him what had happened. He explained that he had seen, with Divine inspiration, that in the generations before the coming of the Moshiach there would be a multitude of rabbis, and that they would be the very ones who would impede the redemption. (Otzar Chayim)

  24. I don't understand why Rabbis Gutnick, Feldman, Laurence and Rogut are suddenly acting like cowboys?
    All that happened now was that 2 families can't afford the prices of the Sydney caterers and decided to use a cheaper Melbourne caterer (Eshels)that is acceptable to ALL the communities in Melbourne. A very pious Sydney Rabbi has kindly agreed to help them by overseeing the food once it arrives in Sydney as Rabbi Gutnick bullied the Melbourne supervisors to keep away. Melbourne meat has been available in Sydney for many many years and our cowboy Rabbis never felt they need to warn us of the low standards of Melbourne Shechita.
    Something just doesn't add up.

    What confidence can the community have of such Rabbis!
    Maybe we need a Royal Commission.

  25. Sydney deserves better that this Business Monopoly called 'Kashrut unity'.

    Nobody has suggested that the Sydney meat is not Kosher but I suspect that some of our Rabbis are not Glatt Kosher or truthful.

  26. Rachel, there is a saying...

    Silence Breeds Corruption!

  27. Ah, the truth hurts. For too long has sydney sat quiet and been ridiculed by the haters of Lubavitch. These Rabbonim where called out by the Melbourne Rabbis, the Melbourne Rabbis are now asking sydney advice on how to recitfy their issues.Stop. People for the most part know nothing about the laws of kashrut and our city has been bashed for years by the very same people who have a hatred for Lubavitch and all it has achieved in this city. What a joke, education of kids, mikvah, divorces and kashrut. Get off your high horse, read the facts, the facts compiled by the very Rabbi's who Melbourne brought out. Keep in mind all this came about through a Rabbi mocking our kashrut. Just look at his track record.... a real achiever.

  28. Rabbi Gutnick - You attacked Rabbi Blackman as you were scared on competition. You lost your job.

    Only a fool doesn't learn from their mistakes.

    If you continue attacking competition to your Kashrut business you might loose out once again.

    It's time to grow up!

  29. When I was in Israel recently, I was told by a Chabad rabbi that visitors from his community to Australia don't eat the meat because the shechting (in all parts of the country!) are not up to standard...

    Apparently, Australian law requries the animal to be stunned, but the shochtim (who are themselves Chabad) have found a way around it. I'd be interested to hear how this works.

    In the meantime, I will continue to buy Melbourne meat from the supermarket...

  30. .........."Get off your high horse, read the facts, the facts compiled by the very Rabbi's who Melbourne brought out. Keep in mind all this came about through a Rabbi mocking our kashrut"..............

    # Mr Anonymous! You seem to come from another planet!
    Nobody is mocking anybody besides our wise 'unity' Rabbis who wrote this shameful letter. It is them who through their Sinat-Chinam is giving Lubavitch a bad name.


  31. How come at the last Wedding using a cheaper (Melbourne) caterer Gutnicks problem was "SHECHITA CHUTZ" (He found an old rule not to take meat from one town to the other)
    and this time he dropped this Halacha of his?

    Choose the rule that suits your pocket!

  32. Rabbi Rotenberg found that chickens in Melbourne are soaked before kashering at a temperature of 4C. Rabbi Rotenberg said that this is not the standard (lechatchila) and chickens processed this way were only acceptable after the fact (b’dieved). He said they must develop a system “similar to the system in Sydney”(!!).

    THIS IS A LIE!! I spoke to Rabbi Rottenberg a short while ago.

  33. From reading the comments, there seems to be a lot of anger at the KA. However, from reading the announcement again, it appears all it is saying that the claim that meat is not sufficiently kosher by KA, and Melbourne meat is somehow more reliable is false.

    No comment has really addressed the arguments raised in the announcement or that the conclusions of Rabbi Rotenberg are not correct, and I suspect the reason is, because the readers are not halachically qualified to do so.

  34. My take on this whole thing:

  35. To the following commentators:
    Anonymous, Belinda, Vashti (x3) and Hersh.

    Please reread what you have written. Far too personal. Comments that you would not make directly to those you name.
    If you have an observation, please make it without disparagement.

    - THE MODERATORS (who are trying to keep it civil.)

  36. WOW!!

    I hear that Sydney is practically the only place in the world where at times the shochet slaughters without a second shochet or Mashgiach being there.

    The OU says such meat should not be eaten!

  37. IApparently a list of many, points will be distributed by the 3 Kashrus organizations in Melbourne proving that the Shechitas in Melbourne are of a far higher standard.
    Apparently in Sydney Shechita is performed at times with only a single shochet.

    Apractice that would never happen in Israel, USA or Melbourne!

  38. confused Sydney housewife.Monday, May 31, 2010 7:47:00 PM

    A friend emailed me this blog last night.

    Today I met the wife of one of the signatories of the letter at Krinskys. In her basket were 2 packets of cold cuts from Melbourne. I asked her if your husbands has signed a letter to stop us all using Melbourne meat how come you can buy it.
    She answered that her husband has not told her not to!


    If your surname starts with the letter 'G' then you are entitled to give private Hashgachos - but if your surname starts with a 'S' then you cannot.


  41. the Kashruth Authority (KA) was subject to detailed and critical investigation from the Trade Pratices Authority a few years ago. (TPA).
    the TPA made some critical findings but declined to make any orders however "recommended" significant changes in the way the KA operated. I am not aware that any of those recommendations were adopted.
    The operators of the KA have not been elected by the community at large and therefore do not speak for the community. Anyone who is interested in KAshruth should voice their opinions in this regard before final decisions are made.
    As far as Sydney is concerned keeping Kosher has become significantly more expensive over the years and now we do not even have a formal Kosher restaurant in a city of around 30,000 Jews.
    we have an opportunity which has opened the door for a full debate on who controls the industry of Kashrut in this country and whether they are performing appropriately.

    we should use this opportunity to have a debate.
    I feel the AJN is the appropriate vehicle to do so

    harry freedman

  42. Could Rabbis Rogut, Feldman,Ulman, Laurence and Gutnick please advise the community how often they have visited the slaughterhouse to oversee the shechita process as every Rabbi involved in Kashrut should.

    I hope their roles are more than signing letters attacking others.

  43. Harry Freedman is spot on!
    But if we don't break this monopoly now, less and less will be able to afford Kosher.
    A friend of our recently had a Bar Mitzvah catered at a non Kosher venue as it was signifintaly cheaper.
    Apparently Melbourne has 4 seperate supervision bodies. The result, higher standards and cheaper prices.

    The Monopoly must be broken and the Jewish Board of Deputies must audit the books of the Kashrut Authority.

  44. The Rabbis of KA have been claiming that it is against Halacha to sell meat to another town that has a shechita (Shechita Chutz), as an excuse to keep their monopoly. So why is the KA selling their chickens in Melbourne and why do the wives of some of these Rabbis purchase cold cuts from Melbourne.
    Sounds like double standards!

  45. If these Rabbis treat Kashrut as they do Unity and truth, then G-D help us all.

  46. You fellows are all crazy! Rabbi Gutnick is a chosid and the backbone of Kashrus. He follows in the Rebbe shlitas footsteps to further yiddishkeit and kashrus in our city.

    You are all a jealous bunch!

  47. To Moshiach Now!

    Shame on the way you write!
    You can't be a chosid by backing a Misnaged!!

  48. Yechi!
    Are you for real


    The new letter from KA although it is not an apology at least they have backed down to some degree, is a credit for your public forum where the community can voice their opinions without fear.

    Maybe the Monopoly will eventually be broken and more people will be able to afford Kosher.


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