Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Clowns, elephants and rabbis"

No comment!


  1. You got something against clowns????

  2. All this website does is make fun of everything, even a wonderful parade is someting to mock here at ajnwatch. This is even more pathetic than the AJN it's supoosed to watch.

  3. i got something against clowns like one mentioned in the article.

    his credibility and qualifications as 'chabad spokesman' are laughable and worst of all, he wasn't even dressed up.

  4. Hey, anonymous 4:17, don't be so touchy. All ajnwatch wrote was "no comment".

    That you took it as a mock shows that something about the clowns must've bothered you.

    By the way, can someone explain teh signigicane of clowns on la Bomer? (I see that the Sydney parade also featered clowns)


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