Monday, August 10, 2009

Mazel Tov! Another Chaplain for the ADF

Does anyone have any idea how many Jews serve in the Australian Defence Forces?
One would think that if we require one senior and 2 'junior' chaplains there should be at least a minyan or two of brave Jewish soldiers out there.
Just wondering.


  1. the number of Jewish chaplains in the ADF has its genesis in the large number of yidden who served in WWI and II. Despite the fact that there are few Jews in the forces today, the chaplaincy positions place the Jewish community and Judaism in a position of high regard among the defence establishment. Kudos to haRav Genende and his chaplains for all the work they do in spreading Yiddishkeit and in serving as shtadlanim to the goyishe world.

  2. To me it sems that these rabbis like to dress up as soldiers and play 'generals'. maybe they should be spending more time with their flock in shul than this.

    OTOH, if they get paid for the job (does anyone know - and how much?) then sure, go for it. After all, business is business.

  3. Dr Phil - you are not being entirely fair. If there is a call for rabbonim to minister to Yidden in the defence forces, why not? It is not a full time vocation and I know it does not detract from their other jobs as shule rabbonim, etc.

    Surely Jewish soldiers are entitled to have chaplains who can assist them with issues pertaining to halachah and emunah?!

  4. But are then ANY Jews in the forces? And if so how many? Are 3 chaplains really required?


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