Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Jewish News editor bites the dust...

Who caused this? "Hamodia' or 'AJN Watch'...?

From J-Wire:

Change at the helm of the AJN
August 21, 2009 by Henry Benjamin

Ashley Browne, the current editor of the Australian Jewish News will oversee his last edition of the national Jewish weekly paper next week.

The 44-yr-old Melbourne-based newspaperman has spent the last two and a half years as its editor. He told J-Wire: ”It has been a privilege to have worked as editor of the AJN and I have enjoyed my time here. I wish the incoming editor and all the AJN staff the very best for the future.

Browne told J-Wire that he did not know who the knew editor would be but there may be a possibility that the position might be taken up by an overseas contender.

While few will be surprised to see Browne being let go, it is a fact that the AJN goes through editors like a losing footy club goes through coaches.
We can't remember all of them but some recent editorial has-beens include (in no particular order) Sam Lipski, Deborah Stone, David Bernstein, Vic Alhadeff, Dan Goldberg, Susan Bures and now Ashley Browne.

Let's see what the AJN management comes up with next.


  1. Ha - we knew you would think it was you!! How we laughed! Keep up the giggle-making posts.

  2. Laugh, friend. It's good for you.

    But do you have any real idea wht Ashley's gone?

  3. Well done AJNwatch on bringing this story to the people.

    There are now a few more details on this story at
    Galus Australis (the AJN's new upstart rival?)

  4. I see that there is not a word about this heave-ho - not on the AJN site and neither on Browne's blog - which surprising is still there

  5. I wonder what spin Browne and the Jewish News will put on this sacking?


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