Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stick to what you know, Adam

Remember young Adam’s terrifying warning on “Watching the Watchers”, ( see: ) about keeping an eye on AJN Watch?
While we have been quivering in our boots, in trepidation of his next salvo, it seems that he has approved of our blogposts since that time - as there hasn’t been another peep from him.

We, on the other hand, cannot allow his above piece to go by without a comment.

In that feeble and unbecoming attempt at sarcasm and tabloid reporting, Kamien appoints himself as both judge and posek regarding those organ transplants.

Our advice to Adam: Stick to tittle-tattle and gossip about the dreckerati and leave matters of halacha and law to rabbis and judges.


  1. Adams column should be more aptly named "shmootz"

  2. Moishe, I have no doubt that Adam would have no problem with that


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