Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Melbourne Yid": "Frum people think AJN Watch is a joke"

In reply to our response on the Jewgle Perth blog to his earlier comments, the same person has tried again. Our reply follows.

Melbourne Yid Says:

AJN Watch’s comments are, as usual, rambling and long winded. Rather than talking to the point they attack the individual. This has become standard form of argument among those who are so insecure in their Yiddishkeit that they cannot abide anyone with a different view.

I don’t think anyone in the frum community likes everything about the AJN. I have heard from members of the “Liberal” community that they also feel that they are not given a fair go. Reading this blog it is apparent that Perth residents are also dissatisfied with the coverage of that city in the AJN. One size does not fit all. The reason that there are so many shuls and shtieblach in Melbourne is that we need variety in our lives.

If the AJN Watch people toned down their righteous indignation and hatred for anyone who does not think like they do then maybe they would have more supporters. As it stands most frum people think they are a joke.

To Melbourne Yid:

Our comments are ‘rambling and long-winded’ only to those who don’t like the fact that your AJN now has a site keeping a close watch on it and unafraid to comment stridently.

We should tone down our ‘righteous indignation and hatred’? What hatred? Denouncing your newspaper's nasty reporting style and their repeated (insinuated and open) smear campaigns against a sector of the community?

If that is called hatred, we plead guilty.

As for your comment that "most frum people think they are a joke" - how would you know?
How many frum people do you know?

For your information, all of us at the AJN Watch blog have no previous blogging knowledge or experience, thus had/have no idea what kind of readership figures we could expect. (After all, how many frum Jews are there in Australia? How many of them ever buy the AJN?)

So we are more than pleased to report that despite Melbourne Yid's opinion that we are a 'joke', in the 3+ weeks of our existence we have had approx 1800 "unique visitors" and almost 4000 page loads. Far, far better figures than we ever dreamed of.

And may we take this opportunity to remind Melbourne Yid that he did not respond with a single word to our earlier charges:

"...the case of Rabbi Engel...the way they sensationalized the original story - which forced the police investigation. This was nothing less than pure ‘mesireh’..."
"Following that... the outrageous front page “Charged” poster."
"...[AJN] never mentioned anything about the massive scandals involving rich and famous irreligious Jews. .."

We await your reply.

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