Thursday, July 2, 2009

When Kron got it right!

A helpful reader of this blog has offered to share his archives of AJN cuttings accumulated over the years. These include offensive cartoons by AJN staff caricaturist Kron, which at the time of their publication upset many.

But for today we bring you a work by Kron which aptly depicts what this blog is all about!


  1. Please post more.Pleassse.

  2. Does anyone know anything about Kron on private life? Is he left or right wing, frum or frei or what?

  3. its so obvious that this blog is run by the hamodia guys. its so obvious that all the comments are by the same person / people always with the same message " more please" "its about time" i dont like tha ajn either but i dislike sneakyness dishonestness and agendas even less.

  4. It's also obvious that you have spent quite some time on this blog and have become an expert in detecting who and what is behind it all.

    Presumably your dislike for "sneakyness and dishonestness" (2 excellent new words to add to our lexicon) means that you will no longer be visiting. Sorry about that.

  5. Do I care if this is run by Hamodia guys? Not in the slightest. AJNews and its anti torah views must be battled in whatver way available.


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