Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank you - Rabbi Chaim Ingram

Rabbi Ingram of Sydney can always be relied upon to bring forth the views of authentic Torah Judaism. Australia’s frum community owes him their thanks and support for not bowing to the avodah zara of Political Correctness.
Oh, for the days when even more rabbis raised their voices without fear or favour. Whenever necessary, Rabbi Chaim Gutnick and Rabbi Y Groner would powerfully state the Torah truth – even when it was unpopular.


  1. You forget to name another abbi who was never afraid to speak his mind, especially in such matters, That is Rabbi Zaichyk, True he was often controversial but at least people took note of what he said and he often was the main force for change here

  2. Rabbi Ingram often writes letters to the Jewish News. He also has had a number of articles printed in this paper presenting the Torah-true point of view. So maybe there is something good about the AJN.

  3. And Danny Lamm and Colin Rubinstein often write letters in the Age. That doesn't mean that the newspaper's critics consider it any more Israel-friendly.

    It's the culture and bias than seems to manifest itself in both newspapers that upsets people.


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