Thursday, July 23, 2009

Now we are "outright liars"!

"Melbourne Yid" - the AJN's defender - replies on Jewgleperth:
Melbourne Yid Says:

While the posting of the front page photo was abhorrent to all Jewish and other fair minded people the charge of mesira against the Jewish News is completely false. If you had bothered to read other news reports the AJN just reported what had already been reported in other news media. Unfortunately, as has been seen in other frum communities, we are not immune from breaking the law. How it is reported is another matter and the front page photo was wrong.

Two more final points:
- Your comment “How many frum people do you know?” just emphasises my point that you are are nasty person who cannot listen to anyone who has a different point of view.
- I do not believe for one minute that “in the 3+ weeks of our existence we have had approx 1800 “unique visitors” and almost 4000 page loads”. I posit that that statement is either an outright lie or that your web counter is faulty.

It was clear mesireh. The AJN’s sensationalist style and it’s repeated ad nauseum articles on the story eventually forced the SA Police to investigate. Had the AJN behaved responsibly there would have been a fair chance that the police would have overlooked or ‘forgotten’ about it all. They certainly aren’t seeking to tangle with rabbis or the Jewish community. The AJN, with some help from a few ‘nice’ Adelaide people ensured that there was a full investigation which led to the charges.

In any case we areglad to see that finally you too recognize that the front page report was wrong.

Of course you still haven’t explained why the AJN doesn’t report on financial skullduggery and other scandals when it involves rich non-frum Jews.

You say that we are nasty!? Us nasty? Why? Because we questioned your respectful comment that “most frum people think they [AJN Watch] are a joke” ?
And then you publicly accuse us of being liars! Yet WE are the ‘nasty’ ones!

For the record, we have absolutely no problem with other points of view. We believe in “live and let live”.
What we are here for is to ensure that we no longer passively turn the other cheek when this country’s Jewish newspaper offends and upsets religious Jews. You obviously disagree with our aims and that is your privilege.

Finally, despite abusive insult saying that we are lying regarding our visitor numbers, we do wish to thank you for confirming our suspicions that the figures are pretty good. They must be - if they upset you.

We assure everyone that they come from the Stats Counter people who we hooked up to sometime after the blogs inception. The only ‘faulty’ hitch we have had is that for approx 3 half days – for some unknown reason the counter was disabled and we missed out on some figures.


  1. I don't know why you bother with this person. he obviously has a vested interest in the Jewish News and didn't deny it when you you claimed he was there's an employee .I wouldn't be surprised if it was Adam Kamien himself.

    Speaking of him, I wonder what happened to his bombastic threat to 'watch AJN Watch'? Maybe your
    excellent reply scared hom off.

  2. Excellent shmexellent. I hope adam replies and ajn responds. its very entertaining stuff


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