Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Letter to the Editor re the "Charged" front page

Disgusting cover

I AM very puzzled and very annoyed that The AJN could use a rabbi (no matter what he had done even if guilty) for sensationalism and put his photo on the front page of the paper so maybe you could sell more papers (AJN 19/06).
It lies on the shelves so that everyone can see and remark about the Jewish rabbi who was charged.
To me and many of my friends it is absolutely disgusting that a Jewish newspaper could stoop so low against a Jew.

Killara, NSW

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  1. This and the other letters you published are reflecting what 99% of the AJN's readers think. Even a hater of frum Jews is embarrassed by a "Ned Kelly Wanted" type of front page poster displaying a rabbi. The Jewish News should be thoroughly ashamed of itself.
    I am actually surprised that they are publishing these letters attacking them


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