Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rabbi, you're a sport!

From our sports reporter:

Nice of the AJN to report on Melbourne's rabbis and their sporting feats despite the fact that they weren't held on Shabbos...


  1. Playing sports is healthy and the Rambam encourages exercise. Rabbis should encourage their members to look after their health
    But then what does it say about our rabbis sporting prowess when they are comprehensively thrashed by some school kids?
    Maybe the YG should employ a PT and sports teacher so our future rabbis can hold their own.

    Nice to see that despite his appointment as a MBD dayan Rabbi Yanki Barber can still enjoy a good footy match.

  2. I agree that sport or exercise is very important. But I cringe seeing chabad rabbis and dayanim being pictured as they are in that paper. How can one give kavod to a rav who attends football games and wears the gear of fans?

    I can assure you Aussies that it would not be done a a CH rav.

    I doubt that the rebbe would have approved


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