Thursday, July 30, 2009

"As Kosher as the AJN..."

A reader sent us this cutting from the AJN adding:

I was surprised that you hadn't mentioned this piece from last week's AJN. Seems that the ignorami employed by the Jewish News haven't got a clue about Kashrut matters. Nothing! Don't they realise that Kosher meat cooked in a Treif pot is basically Chazir treif?
And even when cooked in a Kosher pot but by irreligious or non-Jews the result is just as Treif?

Where are the 2 KA's?

Why haven't we heard any comment from them?


Thanks PJM for that. You make some excellent points.
Hopefully the KAs will now take some action.

Unfortunately our community has become hardened to the upsetting occurrence of Treif food establishments being publicised by the AJN.
Treif, Chametz bePesach, Chilul Shabbos are all regulary advertised in the so-called "Jewish" newspaper.

However,free publicity for a purely Treif cafe trying to attract "kosher" consumers may be a new low.

Meanwhile your words "Kosher meat cooked in a Treif pot is basically Chazir treif" seem like a great analogy to Divrei Torah published in the AJN...


  1. Pity nobody believes in God.
    Interpretation of the law has been hyjacked by extremes for their own convienience and ignorance. I would say that many of the extreme "Kosher" lot have a very treife, rushe Heart that isolates them from the rest of world.
    Humankindnes love for another of Gods creature does escape their narrow minds.Minorities within minorities to be hated with such venom?. Has the past been forgotten so soon.
    If one believes in God one should also believe that all creation is Gods creation and accept God creation. I do believe if you learn the Torah
    by rota you learn the word but not the meaning.
    Interpretation can be twisted as a Pretzel.
    My sad condolences to the loss of such young lives. Freddy W.

  2. What are you talking about Freddy?
    We have a Torah and we have Halacha and Kosher is Kosher and Treif is Treif.


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