Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oy, did you get it wrong, Lawrence!

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It's "AJN Watch" not "AJN News"!  (“AJN News” would be a tautology…)
Now had you checked out our “header” you would have learned that:
“AJN WATCH - the on-line voice of Australian Orthodox Jewry observes and comments on matters of interest to that community. We particularly monitor prejudice and monopolistic abuse of influence in the pages of the Australian Jewish News - the main source of information to and about Australian Jewry. We spotlight errors, expose misrepresentations and vigorously advocate our community's positions.”

Actually, the AJN, ie, the Australian Jewish News, after originally threatening to ‘watch’ us, seems to have placed a ban on even mentioning our name. Ah, well, we’ll just have to rely on The Age…

Anyway, right or wrong name, we appreciate the publicity. For obvious reasons, AJN Watch hardly gets any hits on an average Saturday. Today, however, was different, as quite a few Age readers seem to have followed up that item with a peek at our blog. Even when putting in an incorrect name Google likes us. We searched “AJN News Menachem” and got this result:
Even when we dropped the “Menachem” the response was quite respectable:
So thanks for that Lawrence. (And despite what we generally think of the Age, LM is a well-liked journo in the community, and we even have your mug shot here.)


  1. I too oticed that column's blooper and thought to myself that this is something that LM would normally enjoy commenting upon!

  2. Money is one of the most entertaining writers around. Check out his blog on the Age website Modern Times
    You gotta agree with most of his views. Actually I am surprised that the Age retains him


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