Sunday, November 21, 2010

!חכמים הזהרו בדבריכם

JWire, the wannabe on-line competitor to the Australian Jewish News (they of the "Rabbi Shem Tov" fame), is, as we have previously posted, מחלל שבת בפרסיא. Even more disappointing is the fact that a site that continuously reports and publishes photographs about Sydney Chabad events continues to flout such a serious Torah command.

In recent months JWire has been posting a weekly message written by Sydney's Rabbi Michoel Gourarie - which is fine with us. What isn't so fine is that this week that message was emailed to JWire subscribers on Shabbat - at 5.30 pm!

We have no doubt that Rabbi Gourarie had no knowledge of this and would and will object vehemently. But this מכשול should be a lesson to all rabbis to carefully consider with whom they form "partnerships".


  1. Cannot the many rabbis that harry Benjamin writes about on Jwire influence him to stop posting on Shabbos? To the best of my knowledge evne the Jewish News is officially closed then

  2. It's probably an automated email that goes out at a certain time each week/day. Send Henry Benjamin (not Harry, as the previous poster claimed) that he correct this. The solution is simple and it's really no reason to pour scorn on this fellow who is doing a great chesed to the kehillah through his hosting of the site.

  3. Have you verified with J-Wire that this is the time they actually posted the message? It is possible that the message had been posted earlier and was delayed by a mail server.

    Did you know that AJN Watch postings that go live on a Friday are delivered to my mailbox early on a Saturday morning?


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