Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sensible Jew and AJN Watch

A rkind eader has informed us that there has been some mention and discussion about the our blog on "The Sensible Jew" site. In case you have forgotten (or a recent arrival you can see the earlier posts about that blogger here,  here and here . And you may even be interested to read what she wrote about us here,  (Not very friendly, is it?)

So we were somewhat surprised to read her recent piece (here) where she used far milder language than previously. We were also not unhappy with some of the comments. To save our readers trawling through it all, we bring you the relevant bits:


  1. AJNwatch - "the orthodox Andrew Bolt". Methinks that in the eyes of frum Jews that tag that would be a real compliment. Not so the lefties/gays/Reformers who would sharply disagree

  2. And your surprised by this? Is it perhaps that as much SJ may be blinkered AJNWatch is also blinkered?

  3. How come you haven;t reported about the shidduch of Sensible Jew and J-Wire?

    Very suitable match me thinks.


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