Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 108th birthday. (biz 120...?)

Posted by "Not-Chabadnik but interested"
As someone who has little connection with Lubavitchers, I am a bit puzzled at the continuing celebrations of the rebbe's birthdays. How long will this go on for? Will it stop at 120 (an age where Moshe Rabenu stopped having birthdays or will it persevere until the geulah sheleimah?

As for saying the ‘rebbe’s chapter of tehillim” as per the above piece in the weekly Hitkashrut brochure, is this something do all Chassidim do this?

And if so, how will they cope when they ‘celebrate’ the rebbe’s 118th Yom Holedet? Saying chapter 119 is sure going to take up a fair chunk of their daily routine. And the obvious next question; if chas vechalilah the Moshiach doesn’t arrive in the next few decades and Chabad Chassidim will be celebrating the rebbe’s 151st birthday, which chapter of Tehillim will then be said?

In my Shul we were offered the following 3 options.

a) Start again from # 1.
b) 150 + 1 or
c) 100 + 51.

Or maybe none of the above - except for the inevitable machmirim who will do all of the above.

I may be sounding a bit flippant here, but he question is quite genuine.
I hope you will find fit to publish this post and look forward to some interesting responses.


  1. is the speaker rabbi Vechter the ex-satmar fellow who worked on secretly converting satmar boys to Chabad? (And was ging a pretty thorough beating for his efforts?)

  2. Yes the same vechter. Father in law of Mendy Groner

  3. Does Rab Vechter still have any Satmar in him? Or has he dumped all he learned there and come right over to us?


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