Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OK. So who is the plagiariser? The Australian Jewish News or the London Jewish News?

Two newspapers called "Jewish News". Both have/had an editor called Zeddy Lawrence. And both have the same idea of a Purim parody.
Or did one plagiarise the other? And if so, who is the guilty party?

AJN Watch passes this on to the far more experienced Media Watch.


LONDON JEWISH NEWS 26th February 2010

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  1. I forwarded the above to the editor of the Jewish News - who responded:

    Many thanks for forwarding me this.

    I can assure you, and anyone else you may wish to share this with, that there was no plagiarism.

    My former colleagues in London asked me what we at AJN were doing for a Purim spiel and I forwarded them my story.

    I am gratified that they found it sufficiently humorous to include in their publication.

    Kind regards,
    Zeddy Lawrence


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