Friday, March 5, 2010

SPECIAL POST: Best Pesach Prices - Melbourne and Sydney

Further to earlier posts and comments on who really has Melbourne’s cheapest Pesach prices, a reader has suggested that we dedicate a special blogpost - and its comment section - to reports by readers on where and what the best Pesach deals are.

We agree that this is a great idea which may be of great benefit to all Kosher consumers.

So here goes…it's over to you our dear AJNWatchers. Send us details of your experiences and advice on where to do your shopping and for what items.

Sydneysiders are welcome to contribute details of Kosher purchasing in the harbour city.

At the same time we extend an invitation to all the stores, importers, manufacturers and wholesalers of Pesach products to publicise their best deals and metziyes on our blog. (No charge!!)

Please note, this special post is exclusively for the purpose of assisting Kosher shoppers, and no irrelevant comments will be allowed.

We hope that this special project of ours will take off for the benefit of all.



  2. It was sent by one individual and has nothing to doi with Adass except this fellow belongs there!
    He claims to support Coles as they are part of our community!
    I don't follow.

  3. Kol Hakaod, this is a great service to the community

  4. I don't have much GeltSunday, March 07, 2010 1:17:00 AM

    Some seem to be rather worried with Costco, as there is apparently alot of misinformation being spread against Costco.

    The more competition the better. We've been taken for a ride for far too long.!

  5. I'm sure that different products are cheaper at different stores.
    It would be wonderful to get this information.
    To claim Coles is the cheapest across the board sounds foolish to me.

    My sister in law who only buys Kosher has already saved money going to Costco, and she says they will have many more cheap products for Pesach shortly.

    What bothers me is irrelevant how strong our dollar is, imported Kosher products never seem to go down. I had a go at my retailer who blames the importers.

    Lets hope with a new player, competition will drive prices down, and we won't need to take out a mortgage to afford Pesach Products.

  6. Go AJN WATCH Go!
    I'ts time we can get some normal prices!

  7. Relevant Comments from a nearby post:

    From: C. Klein []
    Subject: Costco - Coles and other local kosher stores

    Please forward.

    Hi, There has been some hype in the community regarding Costco selling Kosher Le’Pesach goods.
    I have managed to do a bit of research and have come to the conclusion there are NO METZIOS on kosher le’pesach food.

    Costco Prices:
    Kinor grape juice $5.99 - 946ml
    Matzo Meals $5.39
    Kvutzat Yavneh dill pickles $3.49
    Bnei Brak Matzo 5pk $17.00
    Gefilte fish jars $8.89

    Coles and other Local stores
    Kedem Grape juice $8.45 - 2.84liter
    Matzo meals $3.49
    Pri v'yerek pickles $1.79
    Yehuda Matzo singles $3.49
    Sniders matzo singles $3.29
    Gefilte fish jars $7.99

    Yumi's is selling Kedem juice for $5.00 - 946ml

    I was under the impression that Costco was very very cheap, I took the time and effort to schlep to Footscray and was disappointed with the results (the above prices are without factoring time, petrol etc.)!

    Coles, Rishon etc etc have better prices and are local, by the end of the week they will all be fully stocked of the Kosher Le’Pesach products.

    We should all think about supporting our local stores, that support our community.

    Chag Sameach to all.

    Chayim Klein

    Wednesday, March 03, 2010 10:41:00 PM
    sba said...
    And different POV on Costco:

    From: kbcom
    Subject: costco pesach products

    i heard about the email you were sending around how costco prices are the same as coles, now i'm not coming on costcos behalf only to let people know that there are cheap things there as well, that your email fail to list.

    * gefen chocolat macaroons $4.88
    * gefen marshmallows $2.49
    * gefen tomato sauce (can) $1.09
    * gefen ketchup $4.25
    * Kedem Apple Juice $4.45

    so there are cheap things as well

  8. I noticed tha Coles BalaclaVa was selling jumbo-sized Kedem grape juice - almost 3 litres - for under $9. Can anyone beat that?

    Also a warning. I noticed they were selling Jerusalem (machine) Shemurah matzos for around $15 per box - but the markings said it was from passover 2009. Being packaged as well as it is, it may still be perfect and fresh - but consumers should know about this

  9. Can I ask, why are you limiting giving free publicity to only food items? We need many other items for Pesach - kids clothing, shoes, socks and tights, tableclothes, plastic and paper goods etc.

    Think about it!

  10. Well asked XYZ.

    We agree with you. OK, so if you know of any Pesach needs - whatsoever - that are available at good prices, please let us all know.

  11. I received the following from someone I sent on your article about the price at Costco vs. the price at local stores:

    Your friend has been selective in his selection of goods and prices. There certainly WERE metzios at Costco. Some examples:

    Gefen can of tomato puree 1.09
    Gefen tinned tomatoes 1.59
    Gefen macaroons 4.88
    Gefen marshmallows 2.49
    Pickled cucumbers were 1.3kg for the same price they usually charge for the small can.

    I saw ALL of these items at Dainty yesterday and they were SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive.
    It appears that there are 2 sources of products at Costco, those they have imported directly from USA and other goods from Trialia. The products they imported directly were much cheaper. Those from Trialia were generally cheaper than the kosher shops, However there is a limited range, so don't expect to be able to buy everything there.

  12. Costco is not importing this year the only products they have are from Dainty or Trialia
    However they will be importing in the future

  13. I was at Kraus this morning. They are selling fresh 2010 machine shemura matzos with the Edah Charedi supervision for around $14. Cheaper and fresher than Coles bal.

    Also a new fine line of Gross Swiss chocs

  14. I am unsure about Pesach products, but generally kosher prices are often very cheap on the not unlimited range that they have in Yumi's shop and Eshel - both in Ripponlea

  15. I was at Cosco yesterday and a manager advised me that they have numerous containers they have had shipped from the states with Passover products that will be on the floor in a couple of days.



  17. Prices of Groceries at Yumis are great.

  18. I was told the same by Cosco today!

    Why are wse being lied to??

  19. >>We should all think about supporting our local stores, that support our community.<<

    So why didn't that writer mention Kraus? Most of us well know that David Kraus is a kind-hearted person who not only is a bal tzedaka but also helps many needy families who shop there.

    And I have recently heard that the Fogel family feed every meshulach that comes to Melb - by giving them free food from their shop- daily. (That is in addition to the dozens of meshulochim who live at their home.) such individuals certainly deserves our support.

  20. Melbourne's best kept secret?

    Anyone wanting to purchase any kind of silver items -small and large - produced by Hatzorfim and Hadad Bros in Israel, can them them here in Melb for about the same price that you would pay in Israel + air freight (which usually is minimal).

    Avrohom Yehuda Weinfeld (whose family in both Israel and the US are wholesalers and retailers for those complanies), has been supplying many locals (mainly in Adass) for a number of years. He has a fair bit of silver items available immediately and what isn't can usually be here within 2 weeks.

    Call him direct, he will be happy to help
    His mobile no: 0404 961 141

  21. For Sydneysiders-[CONDENSED]from the the KCA list From: uri Butnaru Subject: Pesach At Coles

    Coles Stores in the Eastern Suburbs … Pesach in 2010 with Very LOW PRICES ….
    …extra bargain basement low Prices that Coles has in the coming week on a myriad of products for the duration of Passover these prices especially on Matzas and Grape Juices … see Jewish News on 11/3 .)…. The prices are so low that I haven’t seen in years they will be rock bottom prices on Aviv Matzas,Yehuda Matzas Jerusalem Matzas ,Snider,Matzas . Snider Matza Meals just incredible prices on kedem Juices 2.8lt and 650ml especially , Kinor Juices ,Osem Matzo ball ,778 jams liebers chips, Noam gelfite fish ,and many many more specials its real saving that makes Pescah more affordable shopping at Coles.

    Eskal potato pancakes , Liebers Dishwashing liquids, Yehuda Chocolate matza and Jerusalem Chocolate Matzas, Passover Coke ,Passover Diet Coke ,Prigat Juices ,Noam Gelfite Fish is at a bargain low price ,Kedem Gelfite Fish,Liebers ,Sardines,Mrs Adler Gelfite Fish ,Manischwitz roasters,Liebers spices,white and black pepper,onion spices,778 and Glicks jams,Alprose Chocolates and gift bags,Liebers Chips ,Glicks Chips,Liebers Noodles,Manischewitz noodles,Solomons potato flour,Solomons Super fine Flour,Solomons walnut meal,Solmons almond meal ,Solomons Matza meal coarse,Solomons matza meal fine ,Osem nesquick,Yumis Mayonaisse,Ungers Passover mayonnaise ,Crispo O breakfast cereals,Mothers salad dressings,Silan,Liebers Honey,Kedem Apple Juice, Osem bissellies BBQ,Osem Bisselli Onion,Osem bisselli falafel,Mami Marshelow,Waldov dried Passover fruits,Alprose cooking chocolate,.

    Great Variety of Passover Sugar -Sunshine Sugar is available this year -Liebers Sugar More Variety below - -Jerusalem Shmura Matzas,-Willi Tuna,Gefen Tuna ,-Soup Mixes chicken, Vegetable, Onion,- Liebers and Gefen Tom Ketchup-,Liebers Whole tomatoes ,Glicks crushed tomatoes- Liebers and Gefen Tom Paste,-Glicks Cotton Seed oil Gefen Marinara cooking sauce,Gefen Tom Basil cooking sauce,Gefen Italian cooking sauce ,and hundreds and hundreds more great and competitive Passover products that are at a rock bottom prices that will delight and mesmerize shoppers this Pesach at Coles I cannot believe the low prices myself. Also this Passover we have placed our Passover Sections in Separate Passover Areas throughout the individual Coles stores in the eastern suburbs. We have cleaned and scrubbed all the shelves before placing any Passover products on them to avoid any contact with Chametz. Here are the Passover Sections locations in your Local Coles Supermarket in the eastern suburbs stores.
    -Coles Westfield Bondi Junction Passover Section is Located in Aisle 8- It has a large 12 bay section with a maximum Passover selection that will please all.
    -Coles Eastgate Bondi Junction Passover Section is Located in Aisle 9-it has a large 9 bay section full of Passover variety.
    -Coles Rose Bay Passover Section is located adjacent to the Produce area and visible upon entry -it has a very large range of Passover products this year.
    -Coles Pagewood Passover Section is located at the back of Aisle 7-it’s a big 9 bay section with a large Passover selection that will please the local Jewish community in the surrounding area.
    -Coles Edgecliff Passover Section is located at the back of Aisle 8 -it has a large selection of Passover products this year that will make shopping for Passover at edgecliff coles a one stop shop.
    -Coles Maroubra Passover Section is located in aisle 1-it has great Passover range .

    The Kosher Meat Department in the stores above are now ready to take orders for Pesach for Kosher Meat and Chicken Please note there will a also a separate kosher chilled area selling Kosher For Passover Yumis Dips and herring and Tempo Kosher for Passover Cheese and yogurts. Please see sign alerting to the kosher chilled section whereabouts - Regards Uri Butnaru Coles Kosher Coordinator
    email list

  22. I hear that Costco will be opening in Sydney shortly. Anyone have more details?

  23. their head office is in sydney, they are fighting with their local coucil about approvals for plans for their sydney warehouse

  24. According to Klein (or whoever he really is!) Coles is cheaper than Costco and Costco has NO metzias. So why do you want Costco?


  25. I hear there is a price war on Kedem Grape Juice.
    Can anyone give me some info?

  26. Can regular Sugar be used for Pesach or do you need with Hashgacha?

  27. From: C. Klein []
    Subject: Costco - Coles and other local kosher stores

    Please forward.

    Hi, There has been some hype in the community regarding Costco selling Kosher Le’Pesach goods.
    I have managed to do a bit of research and have come to the conclusion there are NO METZIOS on kosher le’pesach food.


  28. No there are no metzios on kosher food
    btw what metzios did you find?

  29. Any price comparison for Pesach foods should
    primarily be based on essentials - Matzo , grape juice, matzo meal etc .
    Nosh and condiments are luxury items.
    It would appear that Costco is not cheaper on these items.
    The message also seems to have been received by the other retailers as seem by the competitiveness of grape juice prices.

  30. Maybe when Klein did his research Costco didn't have their kosher for Passover products yet!

  31. thanks SBa for telling us about that silver importer. His has some beautiful pieces at good prices. We're goin back for more soon.

  32. I think that the local stores had an advantage this year as Costco put out its Pesach products before anyone else. They are definitely cheaper by far on most products. However the local stores will obviously try to match the prices on these products. I feel NO OBLIGATION to support local stores that have been ripping us off for years even if they match Costcos prices!

  33. Monday, March 08, 2010 7:27:00 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Any price comparison for Pesach foods should
    primarily be based on essentials - Matzo , grape juice, matzo meal etc .
    Nosh and condiments are luxury items.
    It would appear that Costco is not cheaper on these items.

    Now we are getting confused.
    Klein claims that Costco is not cheaper on anything. Now they are cheaper on Luxury and Nosh lines.
    Well I am a nosher, so Costco suits me.

  34. I was in Kraus in Ripponlea yesterday. There new Passover room is fully ready and had a great variety of products. To my surprise most items are significantly cheaper then last year!!!!

  35. Is silver a neccesity, Luxury or Nosh?

  36. Having nice silver and other things at your seder table is actually a miyzva or hidur mitzva - zeh keili ve-anveihu. So if you can afford afford it - go for it.

    You will actually be surprsed at the reasonable prices of W. Especially silver kosos.

  37. Betty asked if regular sugar is OK for Pesach?

    I have asked around and been told that its not - as there may be chametz additives.

    what do the KAs say about this?

  38. Aah Kraus. The friendliest Jewish shop in Melbourne. Good old Bubi - everyone's best friend.

  39. And Bubi is also part of the community- Not only Coles.

  40. Costco is getting many new products end of this week!

    Pesach will once again become affordable!

  41. Cheapest Groceries are by Yumis and Eshel- Both on Glen Eira Road.

    (But only a limited selection)

  42. What happened to the commandment of supporting your towns local Jewish community? That provides parnassa for over a two dozen families?
    COSTCO is a huge non-Jewish billion dollar company with huge on earth can the local stores match their prices?
    If it means I pay an extra $30 on my passover groceries, I'd rather it go to the jewish stores and our local community that have been supplying us with stock for years.

  43. i WAS AT cOSTCO TODAY. Plenty of Metzias!!

    What Klein writes that at Cosco Kedem Grape juice costs $8.45 - for 2.84 liter is simply not true. It costs miles less than that. Please say facts not fairy tails!

    You can have a go at Cosco but not with made up stories to mislead the poor Kosher Consumer!

  44. Someone here was asking about where to get better Judaica prices.
    Today I found in shul a color catalogue for Judaica bargains which are indeed around 33% - if not more - cheaper than local prices.
    Sfarim, English books(for kids and adults)lots of Pesach hagadot. Chabad and non-Chabad stuff, kiddush cups and plates ,matza covers and tzitzit and yarmulkes

    Someone said it was the Sabach boys, but I haven't been able to confirm this.

    Shop is 241 Carlisle St - opposite the BP station.
    Hours are Mon-Thur 12.00-3.45 (Frid 2.00) and 6.30 -10 pm

    Sunday 11.30 am - 8.30 pm and Motzoe Shabbat 8.45- 11.00 pm

    The material advertised looks good and the prices are definitely a vast improvement.
    Let's all support this venture and hope that it will be a continuing supplier to our town

    Note this business will only operate for 3 weeks - 8th march - 28th March. So don't miss out

    And I too have been very impressed with the Weinfeld silver assortment and prices

    So now our Judaica seekers can also enjoy a cheaper YT

  45. Micky you got It wrong
    in costco it's $6.00 for 946 mil

  46. I was In costco today and someone was there darshening very heatedly how good costco is and how the importers are making a rip off e.g. That it cost for yehoda matzos to land in Australia $1.16 and they retail it for $6.00
    and how c Klien is mad and doesent know what his talking about. Does any one know who he is? he was skiny, aparently he his compeny is in Sydney and they supply costco
    I think he is a bit upset because he could not get them any good deals?

  47. from Kosher today website

    Record Sales for Passover Expected Despite Ongoing Recession
    New York…”Passover is definitely in the air,” a Brooklyn food distributor said as he surveyed the aisles of one of his customers. He and two workers were stocking two aisles with Pesach groceries as the manager was covering one register for customers already buying foods to get a head start on cooking for Passover. Most retailers throughout the country are by now into the Passover season. In Cedarhurst LI, Gourmet Glatt has opened a special Passover store directly across from their year-round store. In recent years, a number of stores opened the separate stores. The Orthodox Union opened its annual special Web site,, featuring laws of Passover, holiday recipes, cleaning tips, and informative articles. The site compliments the OU’s popular Passover guide. Most of the other major kashrus agencies also publish special guides for the holiday as well as special features on their Web sites. The cRc in Chicago this year published a 56-page guide that was available in both a hard copy and in a downloadable version. A KosherToday reader wrote: “I cannot believe the number of recipes that are available this year on-line.” As an example, she cited food writer Eileen Goltz who is out with many recipes for the holiday, including one for pizza.

  48. Anonymous said...
    Monday, March 08, 2010 7:27:00 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Any price comparison for Pesach foods should
    primarily be based on essentials - Matzo , grape juice, matzo meal etc .
    Nosh and condiments are luxury items.
    It would appear that Costco is not cheaper on these items.

    Maybe "IT WOULD APPEAR" but in fact Costco is cheaper on many essentials than what Coles is!

  49. Could someone make a list of a mixture of essentials, nosh and luxury items and get prices from numerous stores eg. Kraus, Rishon, Meal Mart, Coles, Alex, Costco etc.

  50. I have asked around and been told that [regular sugar is not suitable for Pesach] as there may be chametz additives.

    Everyone in Melbourne who uses sugar has used (and probably still uses) regular sugar. The Bet Din used to get someone to put a stamp on the bags, but I can't imagine that they actually sent someone up to Queensland to kasher CSR for the sake of a couple of pallets of sugar.

    Did anyone you spoke to say what these additives might be, or why they would add them, or why these invisible additives would not be botel?

  51. Ordinary granulated sugar is kosher lepesach. All you need to do is buy a new sealed bag. The "hechsher lepesach" adds nothing at all.

    Once you get into other kinds of sugar there can be issues.

  52. But Wajsbord of MK begs to differ:

    CSR Organic Sugar is suitable for Pesach in the first instance and does not rely on any bittul. It is available as follows:

    a. 375g packets: Coles, IGA (Metcash), Statewide Independents (Tasmania), Campbells Cash and carry

    b. 750g packets: Franklins NSW, Lyreco, Corporate Express

  53. The Jewish News had an ad last week for Kedem grape juice 2.84 liter bootles @ $8.45 and small glass 650 ml bottles @ 2.95. I think that these are pretty keen prices. Also jars of noam gefilte fish @ 7.99

  54. Alex of Bessa in Kooyong Rd is selling Aviv matzos for $1.88 and offering 6 bottlesw of Pesach Coke free

  55. But Wajsbord of MK begs to differ:

    I have the utmost respect for R' Wajsbord. That being said, he's not my Rov. I don't know why his business has embarked on this cycle of chumra hunting, but I think it raises prices and injures our community without actually improving standards.

  56. I was in Costco and noticed the following (some are NOT Kosher lePesach)

    Yumis Ready Falaafel balls 1/2 K 5.19
    Humus 1K 6.39

    Kedem Gefilteh fish Pesach - I think- 8.89
    S Pellegrano sparkling mineral water - OUP - 750 ml - $26 per dozen

    Craisins 1.36 K 10.29
    skippy chunky peanut butter OU 1.36 KG 5.99
    Kirkland Canola oil OU 5 L 11.29
    Kirk springwater 35 x 500 ml $10

    and a few more value items

    but the pesach range is quite disappointing

  57. Joe are you so sure that there are no Pesach problematic additives in the sugar? Do you have kashrus experience? Obviously YW does have, or is at least advised by his staff and his rabbis aboit this.

    And I personally am very happy with what you call 'chumra hunting'. Actually it isn't chumras but rather bringing Melb's kashrus standards to at least that of the OU and other mainstream kashrus groups.

    I know that MK or KA or whatever it is called these days - realise that there is some way to go, but when they reach this, they will find that ALL Melbourne's Jews including all chasidim and charedim will rely on them - which will be a good thing for shalom and achdus in our communities.

  58. I am sure that there are no "Pesach problematic additives" in plain white sugar that are not botel. I am so sure, in fact, that I will offer you a deal. There is a simple chemical test for the presence of starch - chometz is mostly starch. I propose that we purchase a sample of sugar and perform the test. If the test does not reveal the presence of starch you will give me $10, which I will give to tzedoka. If it does reveal the presence of starch I will give you $1000, which you can spend as you like. Deal?

  59. Talking of sugar, here's an informative piece that I found quite useful and so may others.

    By Laura Dolson, Guide

    Although for most purposes simply knowing the carb count is enough information for those following a low carb way of eating, there are times when we want to know whether and how much sugar was added to the food during processing. For example, if the label for a bottled sauce says that a teaspoon has “zero carbs”, that could easily be due to rounding, so that a few tablespoons may start to have carb levels that you care about. By reading the label, you see whether sugar was added to the sauce, and can sometimes get an idea of how much.

    What Are Added Sugars?

    Sugars are a type of carbohydrate sometimes called “simple carbohydrates”. Sugars occur naturally in many foods, especially fruits, but manufacturers also add sugars to most processed foods these days, because people seem to buy more sweet foods. The presence of these sugars often signals a higher glycemic index in the food.

    Sugar Has Many Disguises

    Careful reading of labels is necessary to know how much added sugar you are getting. Sometimes there will be small amounts of many types of sugars, so none of them end up being in the the first few ingredients of the label. Other times, sugar masquerades as apparently more “healthy” ingredients, such as honey, rice syrup, or even “organic dehydrated cane juice”. These are sugar. Sometimes fruit juice concentrates will be used, which sound wholesome, but usually the juices chosen, such as white grape, apple, and pear juices, are among the least nutritious of the juices. By the time they are “concentrated”, very little remains but the sugar.

    Here is a list of some of the possible code words for “sugar” which may appear on a label. Hint: the words “syrup”, “sweetener”, and anything ending in “ose” can usually be assumed to be “sugar”. If the label says “no added sugars”, it should not contain any of the following, although the food could contain naturally-occurring sugars (such as lactose in milk).
    • Corn sweetener
    • Corn syrup, or corn syrup solids
    • Dehydrated Cane Juice
    • Dextrin
    • Dextrose
    • Fructose
    • Fruit juice concentrate
    • Glucose
    • High-fructose corn syrup
    • Honey
    • Invert sugar
    • Lactose
    • Maltodextrin
    • Malt syrup
    • Maltose
    • Maple syrup
    • Molasses
    • Raw sugar
    • Rice Syrup
    • Saccharose
    • Sorghum or sorghum syrup
    • Sucrose
    • Syrup
    • Treacle
    • Turbinado Sugar
    • Xylose

    Remember, your body doesn't care what the label says, it's all just "sugar"!

  60. Joe, I am not a betting man, but I do prefer to follow the advice of experts. I notice that even that most correct and respected of kashrus supervisors KAJ - the yekkes of Washington heights also advise on using sugar with certain supervision. See

  61. If R' Wajsbort is your Rav then you should certainly follow his advice. Otherwise you ought to seek the advice of your Rav. You might say "Rabbi, I am told by people familiar with food technology that there simply cannot be a significant level of chometz in granulated white sugar. I have also been told about a test I can perform to confirm this, using nothing more than ingredients I probably have in my medicine cabinet. Should I - and the rest of your kehilla - spend money on imported sugar with a hechsher, or should I buy regular sugar and donate the money I save to tzedoka?"

    Please let me know his response.

    With regard to the KAJ list, look at the heading for "Vegetables (fresh)". Will you be doing your shopping for vegetables at JR Produce in New York, or will you be buying them from Positiv?

  62. Kedem apple juice KLP at Gefen shop in carlisle st - 3.99

  63. costco had kedem grape juice 2.84 L, 2 bottles for under $12. Thats less than $6 a bottle, you can't beat that anywhere! apparently one of the melbourne stores bought out their entire stick of kedem apple juice too

  64. costco is alot cheaper on some things and similar prices on some thing. Whoever brought up that nonsense about the grape juice is a liar. Costco had 2 X Kedem 2.84L bottles for less than $12. No-one can beat that. And apparently someone (rumour has it a melb kosher store) bought their entire stock of kedem apple juice. So they can resell at higher prices int he their own store. Thats disgusting!

  65. I weas at Cosco and was very happy at ther savings. But more important Costco has made all the other retailers drop their prices too!
    Kol HaKavod to Costco!

  66. Running a food store looks like a horrible job to me. The customers are demanding, you have to worry about maintaining stock levels of goods with a use-by date, and every time the exchange rate changes it affects your whole balance sheet. I don't begrudge them their profit; they don't seem to be wealthier than other business owners. And by buying out Costco's stock they've done two positive things:
    1) Costco will bring in more next time; and
    2) People who haven't paid for a Costco membership or who can't drive all that way will be able to buy apple juice. They might even get it a bit cheaper than they would have otherwise.


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