Thursday, March 4, 2010

AJN gives Shabbat (and Pesach) another slap in the face!

Melbourne's only Shabbat car auction knows exactly where to advertise. In the Australuan Jewish News. The same publication where l treif restaurants and caterers are made so welcome. Just hand over your advertising dollars and we'll sell off/dispose of our religion and our traditions - r-e-a-l cheap.

Can anyone imagine alcoholic beverages or pork ads being allowed to appear in the Muslim media? Of course not. Muslim publishers have far more self-esteem, reverence for their religion and respect for their readers to act like avaricious, greedy and dollar-hungry graspers. But unfortunately Jewish News readers expect nothing better from its publisher. They meekly accept being spat in the face - again and again.

The above avertisement is from last week's issue. This week the AJN has a larger - half-page - ad, which reveals that the people behind this Chillul Shabbat outfit are the "Sawicki Group".
According to our research they also own Bay City Holden. Maybe something Shabbat-observers would like to keep in mind when looking for a new car.

And as we havestated more than once before, the rabbis and lay-leaders of our community are rarely heard to open their mouths in protest thus doing their part in ensuring that the AJN keeps getting away with it. Isn't it time that they woke up to themselves?
And what about the RCV and the COSV? Why are they hiding in a corner and not tackling this head-on?

And talking of offensive ads, here's the first of the non-Kosher and Chametz bakery "Passover"  ads (from the same issue) for this year:

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  1. The RCV and the COSV are advertisers/supporters in/of the AJN. Niether organization has made any serious attempt to reach the commmunity via other means - just have a look at the COSV website. These same communal organizations that should be witholding support from the AJN are supporting it. Individuals should cancel their subscriptions (or at least share one copy between family/friends) and true kosher establishments and moreover communal organizations should stop their advertising in this paper.


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