Monday, December 7, 2009

Time to get the Hamodia to Perth!

From the Jewgle Perth blog:

Jewish Media

It gives me no pleasure in opining that, as much as the Jewish community needs a strong medium of communication, we sadly do not have a paper that is up to the task. Our local Jewish newspaper falls short of filling its role as a newspaper, a chronicle of history, and a medium for exchanging viewpoints. It does not drive topics of discussion or promote an agenda for the community. It does not produce its own news (locally, it waits for news to find them, and elsewhere it just reproduces the news of other publications.) It does not critically or independently investigate communal activity. The paper provides no editorial stance, nor any accountability to the community. It has been exposed by this blog for plagiarism yet failed to even acknowledge that fundamental journalistic ethics were compromised. We have a paper that delievers photos and messages of congratulation to Jews who marry out, carries advertisements for non-kosher establishments, contains articles that misrepresent Jewish values, and completely omits news coverage of a huge amount of activity that takes place in our community on a daily and weekly basis. Unfortunately the Maccabean does not reflect the values, activities or the potential of all that the Perth Jewish community represents.

There are no alternatives to the Maccabean.

As far as the Australian Jewish News is concerned, Perth hardly exists. The AJN is also a paper that does little to foster the distinguishing values that are centrally important to Jewish communal life. Its focus, unlike the Maccabean, is commercial, which, while lowering the level of expectation, does not excuse it from its role of publically representing matters of importance to Australian Jewry.


  1. Yisro contact the Hamodia Melb office. I am sure they woul dbe very happy to arrange cross country shipment. Even if you got it a few days later, the readers will enjoy it. And they are would be happy to include local news as well.


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