Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is this TRULY what Chanukah is about?

Guest Post by "Weird Stuff Collector"

Celebrate Chanukah with indigenous dancing and didgeridoo playing? Really! Methinks not.
Those "Spiriters" should have a read of Rabbi Kahana's article and maybe they'll learn what Chanukah is really all about.

Also from my "weird stuff" collection, take a gander at these innocent and naive Jerusalemites - totally oblivious as to what their bright red "Purim" costumes are.


  1. Those little santa suits would be a real hit in Hotham Street on Purim. Where can we get them?

  2. Come on, Rabbi Wolf is clearly just using the aboriginal stuff as a transparent tool and gimmick to spread Yiddishkeit--and it probably worked. No one there would have thought that Chanuka is about aboriginal culture. I can't believe you fail to see that.

  3. Obviously rabbi wolf means well. but how fardoes one go to 'spread yiddishkeit'? indigenous dancing, dalai lama, pseudo-kabala, buhddism and all other idol worship - all for the sake of 'spreading yidishkeit'?

    is this what the rebbe really wants? i doubt it very much.


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