Thursday, December 17, 2009

How Sad. Excluded by Ovdei Avodah Zara!

The REAL disappointment and shame is that some representatives of Orthodox Jewry (and of course a couple of far-far-left Israeli rabbis) couldn't resist the temptation of squeezing themselves into this gathering of Avodah Zara.

Rabbis and lay-leaders, you still have plenty of work in your own communities before trying to sermonise and offer "blessings" to heathens. Remember the lessons of Baal Peor!

Can you spot the odd man out?


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  2. Shakeitz Teshaktzenu vechuleh

  3. For an interesting perspective on how we should (and shouldn't) relate to other faiths, your readoers might find the articles by the famous Yonason Rosenblum interesting:
    Good relations with otrher faiths are important, but we must NEVER debate theology. We are we, and they are they.

  4. Odd man out? that must've been our bland and boring singing boys. No colour at all - compared to the heathens.


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