Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coat (Man) of Many Colours

What an eclectic bunch our friend Moshe the Coat Man has put together.
A Partisan, a Chazan and a couple of rabbis - Kennard and Groner.
And his latest comrade-in-arms, the well-known Gush Katif defender/protester and “Holocaust Survivor and Chossid of the Gerrer Rebbe” – Rabbi Mordechai Raz!.
(Is the Gerrer Rebbe really a “Settler” supporter?)

And all this happening in Mizrachi! (The Lamm Boardroom – no less.)

AJN Watch has other commitments that night, but hopefully we’ll get a full report of this momentous occasion in the AJN and the Hamodia (which carried a full-page version of the same ad).


  1. What a weird collection. Definitely worth attending.

  2. If anyone wants to see Rabbi Radziminski (nee Raz) in action go to:


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