Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CSG Advert – What the?

Further to the above-captioned piece in Galus Australis re the CSG [ ], an English reader has forwarded to us the following cutting from the London Jewish Tribune talking about that city's Jewish security group known there as the CST.

It seems that problems associated with these types of outfits are universal.

This got us wondering if there any rabbinical approval or advice sought by or given to the CSG? Knowing that they are following halachic rulins would do much to pacify those who find it quite galling seeing Jewish youngsters outside Shuls - often blatantly being mechalel Shabbat.

We gleaned another similarity between Melbourne and London from that JT article, ie, that these boychiks (and girlchiks) don't service purely Charedi areas. Just like they are not seen
outside Adass, Beth Talmud, Heichal Hatorah, Gerrer Shtiebel, Merkaz Hatorah, neither do they operate in London's Stamford Hill district.


  1. Kollel Beis Hatalmud is indeed a member of CSG, though in practice they rarely get guards other than on yomim tovim.

    If you care to know more about the halachic aspects of CSG using radios on shabbos, ask David Friedman - he's the kollel's CSG liason guy - and yes, the issue has indeed been discussed, and some allowance is made for those who seek to avoid using the radios on shabbos and yomtov. Different rabbonim have expressed different opinions on the specifics, as I understand.

  2. Has anyone ever heard of the CSG actually stopping a crime or apprehending a hoodlum?


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