Monday, May 9, 2011

Hawaii - Oy Vey! What a mishmash!

Some pure gold in the Honolulu Yellow Pages!                 (Hat tip - DJ)

Have a look at the "Featured Advertisers". What have they to do with synagogues? Well, maybe 'silicone' and 'synagogue' almost rhyme. But the others...!?

And what's this about the "shalom gesture" ? Anyone have a clue?

And this gem: "Orthodox Jew reform, which involves more conservative behavior than liberal practices".

Someone is obviously trying to take the Mickey out of any reader landing on this page.

"Children that attend Shuls are able to study this religion's background, the shalom gesture, and why kosher foods are important for cleanliness."

"Some people also decide to attend service only on holidays instead of going to them every week. This can help you maintain your traditions without compromising your religious beliefs."
Sorry, can you say that again?

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  1. B'H
    UUMMM Hhhummm, cough, cough, an extremely interesting perspective on Judaism and Jewish religious practices (should I say that?)
    Gee Just wondering which shule they went to? Seriously, I think it probably reflects more the writer's confused state of mine, poor command of the English language and a few other issues besides.
    Nice little peep into the brain of someone who is 'investigating religious Jewish perspectives' on life. Might take a few years to untangle them though.


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