Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belly dancer at Bat Mitzvah: Some Mitzvah!

From this week's AJN Sydney edition:
We wonder if the rabbis who criticized the NY Yiddish newspaper's erasure of Ms Clinton, will have the fortitude to censure this outrageous meshugaas? And what about the rest of the rabbinate? Shouldn't they be up in arms about such inappropriate entertainment for youngsters? And this at a so-called 'religious' celebration!

Can anyone imagine Muslim or Christian parents inviting a belly dancer to entertain their 12 year old kids? What a Chillul Hashem and absolute disgrace!

Bat Mitzvah? Some 'Mitzvah" this was.

And the Emanuel school? While we may not expect them to promote Chareidi standards of Tzeniut and modesty, but wouldn't this be over the top - for decent and respectable reform types?


  1. B'H
    Dear G-D I must be so out of touch with what is happening out in the mainstream society.(????!!!) And would I really want to be in touch with this sort of meshugas?? Sounds vile and so disrespectful as to what a Bat Mitzva entails, which is the coming of age of a young girl. Her transition journey from childhood into womanhood has just started and what a start!!! This extract really got to me:
    "as well as my mum and dad's really embarrassing and hilarious video of them singing 'I whip my hair back and forth' with their own relevant words to me."
    'Embarrassing' must be about the only term there that is correct. 'What is hilarious in a tragic way is that these people don't seem to have any idea of what a bat mitza should involve and encompass as a rite of passage. All they have served to do is embarrass themselves and the more saner members of secular Jewish community.
    I think being at boarding school and having your head shoved into a toilet as a rite of passage is comparable to this RIOT of passage.
    I had better go. My son is sitting on the toilet singing Deyanu and I totally agree. Deyanu!

  2. Bar mitzvahs have also become ridiculous with every type of theme be presented - except aaone with any connection to Judaism


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