Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ambassador's treif gig: Redux

Was it a slip-up or did the AJN censors relent in publishing a letter to the editor mentioning AJN Watch?

Admittedly, the fact that the writer wasn’t exactly praising us may have been part of the decision…
Or has there been a change in guidelines? Whatever the case, we appreciate the publicity.

As to the letter itself, Michael Burd misses the point. Like Burd (and indeed the others who made similar comments to our earlier post), AJN Watch is mightily pleased that Israel has an Arab friend. And we too wish Sharbel only the best for the future. However as the restaurant is actually “chazir-treif”, it is NOT a place where any self-respecting Jew should be dining. Even more so, the official representative of the Jewish state may not and should not allow himself to be used as a drawcard for a full house in a non-Kosher locale. If Burd doesn’t understand that, he obviously lacks not only minimal knowledge of our laws and traditions
but also any inkling of sensitivity.

And as mentioned previously, the fact is that Yuval Rotem broke the laws of his country by so publicly attending such a function.

Muslims – diplomats or laymen – don’t arrange functions in pork restaurants and neither should Jews.


  1. It reminds me of the story of Purim, the Jews were punished for eatng at the King's treife banquet. Giving up our identity and standards and forgetting about our G-d all for the sake of a bit of acceptance by the goyim. If they understood what it means to be in a Convenant with Hashem they wouldn't do it. It's all because of ignorance.

  2. With respect where was G-d when the Frum Jews needed him/her?

  3. And I always enjoyed Burd's letters to teh editor. I thought he was a strong defender of both israel and judaism. Obviously I was wrong. Jewish law and tradition mean nothing to him. Only Israel. Good. But then what is he doing living in Toorak? Why isn't he there in Israel defending and building the country-rather than wasting his time and talents in treif restaurants here. (There are plenty of non-kosher vunes in Tel aviv.)

  4. That last line should read:

    (There are plenty of non-kosher venues in Tel aviv.)

  5. Clinton,
    It seams odd that you enjoyed reading my letters defending Israel and Judaism up until now but because we can not agree on this one point all that I have written you suddenly dislike, doesn't make sense to me.
    I don't wish to get into an argument over this subject , I fully respect your views on Jewish laws and tradition. Australia is just like Israel where we have religious and secular Jews ,live and let live . I certainly would never come up with the statement that all religious Jews should go and live in Jerusalem even though it would probably be a more practical place to follow the Jewish law to the letter. For your information I visit Israel regularly who knows one day I may make aliyah.
    This is my last word on this issue there are certainly more important issues to worry about right now.
    Good Shabas.

  6. Michael - stick to defending Israel and socking it to our enemies - rather than attacking this great blog and defending treif gigs.


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