Thursday, April 8, 2010

ECAJ and the JCCV - busy with saints and Muslims

Nice to see that our major representative organisations have resolved all important Jewish problems in this country and thus can  concentrate on Muslim issues and on sending "mazel tovs" to the Catholics upon the simcha of their new saint.

Some may suggest that John Searle could've better spent his time ensuring that the pedestrian traffic lights in Caulfield/East St Kilda were switched to Shabbat mode during the first and last days of Pesach. After all, the Muslims weren’t going to fix this for us and short of another miracle by Saint Mary - neither were the catholics.


  1. While you're on the topic of John Searle, you must have noticed he is bedding down with the homosexuals quite nicely.

  2. Unfortunately this has been the trend for some time now with far too many of our communal organizations. We even see this too often in our Rabbinate nowadays. Multiculturalism seems to be the latest buzz word too often interacting with our neighbours at the expense of looking after our own homes.

  3. Here’s the link that Shepsl refers to:

    In from the outer April 7, 2010
    by J-Wire Staff

    Melbourne’s Jewish Care and the Australian Jewish Psychologists’ Group have representatives on a Jewish Community Council of Victoria group to address mental health, depression and suicide within the Gay and Lesbian community.

    John Searle, president of the JCCV said: “I am delighted that both Jewish Care and The Australian Jewish Psychologists Group (whose President, Dr Nicky Jacobs will have direct input) have seen fit to have representation on this reference group; their participation is vital. Indeed there are other organisations in our community which I believe will be able to make a valuable contribution to the work of this group.
    Research suggests that issues of depression, mental health disease and suicide are higher amongst people in the GLBT community. There is also evidence to suggest there are still serious issues of vilification and discrimination faced by people in this community.
    We need to come to grips with these matters, and ascertain the extent to which these problems are experienced within the Jewish GLBT community. The critical work of the reference group will then address these issues as they exist in our community.”
    Searle added, “I am on record as saying there is no place for vilification or discrimination and it must be understood that these sentiments apply equally to members of our GLBT community.”
    Searle also noted that the meeting was very productive and harmonious. “We have a plan that will allow us to properly inform ourselves as to the extent of the problems faced within the Jewish GLBT community and all members of the reference group are highly motivated, enthusiastic and confident that we will be able to achieve a positive outcome.
    Commencing in early 2010 our group will explore and develop strategies to address these issues as they relate to the GLBT community with a view to bringing together appropriate partnerships with service providers in our community. In due course we will be seeking input from these service providers in the Jewish community.”
    Searle concluded by saying: “I am looking forward to receiving widespread support from members of the larger Jewish community in our attempt to end vilification and discrimination and to address these mental health issues.”

  4. Why do you think Searle is driving this initiative? What's in it for him?

  5. Ahavas yisroel, I presume. Perhaps he also feels that it's part of his duty as head of the JCCV.

  6. Do Jewish gays have different problems to the non-jewish ones?

    Aren't there enough help and aid (pun intended) groups to help these nebachs?
    Do we really need a 'jewish' one?

  7. Joe in Australia said...
    Ahavas yisroel, - re Searle's interest in gays.

    And re his Muslim concerns - Ahavas yishmoel...

  8. It is obvious that some of our communal leaders are misguided in their priorities.

  9. why do you have an ad from the international muslim matramonial site on your web site???

  10. Greg - Jewish gays have the added dimension of being Jewish, something that non-Jewish gays don't have. I'm sure that adds its own unique challenges.

    Searle comes across as if he's making these concessions to the homosexuals under duress and not out of a sense of obligation. The JCCV has never been openly supportive of homosexuals previously. Curious.

  11. Funny that the Jewish Community connected with the Josephite Nuns in Mary McKillop, brought back memories of being taught by that same Order in Leongatha at the age of six/till 10. Taught that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus and therefore to be despised! We were to believe Jews were the worst of human beings so I think there has been a little poetic licence used in the short term when the nuns actually needed something from your community. It took me another couple years and many books later to understand the truth, but at that time, that was standard Catholic teaching! as the Jewish community would already have been aware. I was surprised to learn that the Nuns would accept help from those they taught others to dislike so intensely. Perhaps the individual woman herself, made the difference! but forgot to tell her followers.


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