Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heoros on YG's Kovetz Heoros

Post by Melbourne Chabadnik:

Yesterday (Shabbos) I davvened in a non-Chabad Shul, where I was shown the latest issue of the "Kovetz Heoros Hatmimim V'Anash" published by our Yeshiva Gedolah - copies of which had been dropped off there.

One fellow there asked me about the
 "ק''ז שנה להולדת כ''ק אדמו''ר נשיא דורנו" line which appears on the "shaar". He could not understand why the editors allow themselves to make "choyzek" of the rebbe z'l. He asked me to show him another publication with this type of nonsense. I coudln't really disagree with a second person who joined in on our conversation who said that while virtually all Jewry agrees that the rebbe was one of the outstanding Gedolim of the past generations, such childish and naarish things only serve to detract from and harm the reputation of such a great person. He continued, that creating such harm to the reputation of their rebbe or manhig wouldn't be tolerated in any other sector of Klal Yisroel.

I squirmed, fidgeted and mumbled some meaningless response - and left embarrassed.
Here again I can only repeat what Emmanuel wrote recently: "Be'oifen hamiskabel". That is what should be guiding all of us. Saying, doing or publishing things that make a joke of Lubavitch and/or the Rebbe must be dealt with immediately and the perpetuators stopped.

Chas vesholom that we become the laughing stock of Klall Yisroel!

By the way, perusing that Kovetz,  it is painfully obvious that it doesn't have too much quality material in it - save for Rabbi Telsner's Teshuva. The rebbe's Yiddish Sicha - which no doubt is of the highest quality - is unfortunately incomprehensibe to most of us - being in Yiddish. I would advise their editors to spruce it up a bit. We have many local Anash who are talmidei chachomim. Why aren't they invited to contribute?

And the dedication for this issue could have been worded better:
"fulfill their hearts desires materially" - can sometimes be a dangerous bracha..

I am personally a strong and long-time supporter of the YG with warm connections to many there. Thus I hope that my words will be taken as constructive criticism rather than negative kvetching.


  1. I'm surprised that "Melbourne Chabadnik" isn't familiar with the traditional blessing for "material and spiritual" success. It was frequently used by the Rebbe Z"YA, and it is found in traditional Jewish sources. In fact, there's a famous story involving R' Shneur Zalman of Liada, the Alter Rebbe of Chabad, which relates it to Yaakov's prayer in Bereshis - "If G-d will give me clothing to wear and bread to eat ... and G-d will be my lord ...."

    It is probably a good time to mention that Pesach is just around the corner and that this is a good time to help provide for the material needs of others. As the traditional saying puts it "their material benefit is our spiritual benefit."

  2. I cannot believe how much filth is being spewed here over the last couple of weeks. If this is an AJN Watch I think that is commendable, but to be a CHABADbashing there are plenty other sites doing that already.
    A Rov/Talmid Chochom, Rabbi Telsner is an individual who Toras Emes tells us (not a Chassidic thing) to respect and honour due to his knowledge and community position.
    In relation to the shaar of the Kovetz, what is the issue? that it says its 107 years since the Rebbe birth?! The Rebbe numerous numerous times would farbreng on Chassidishe Yomim TOvim and mention the uniquness of a particular anniversary. The Rebbe spoke of the frierdiker Rebbe as - Nesi Doreinu - long after Yud Shevat 5710. And I would not be surprised if people were critical of this approach.
    Just remember, there will always be ppl critical of the Chabad approach, what seems to be new here, is that the 'misnagdim' are now within!!!

  3. "how much filth" ? Chabad bashing?

    What are you talking about? Aren't you a bit oversensitive?

    Chabad is the most public and publicised group of Klal Yisroel and they crave and attract publicity. And sometimes when people have shaalos, they ask. Don't be so precious.

  4. Joe, Yaakov's material wishes ain't exactly the same as ours. In fact he clearly states what they are - clothing and bread.

    But the average basar vedam, often has other 'material' wishes and some may indeed be dangerous.

    In any case, the Hebrew version seems far more acceptable than its English translation.

  5. You do realise that this brocha is actually a prayer to Hashem, right? There are many, many similar prayers in the siddur for our own material benefit and that of others. Please stop trying to be smarter than everyone else. If you're worried about them then add an additional prayer - pray that they be rescued from their naivety.

  6. Whatever Joe. It could be better worded.

  7. to melbourne chabadnik
    It seems to me that you are not afraid of showing your am ho,oratzes.
    Nesi Doreinu was used continuously to refer to the Friediker Rebbe after his histalkus. you should have just answered them that the Rebbes lagacy lives on thats why He is Nosi of our Dor. (although showing by your letter you might not agree with that). I think you deserve to be embarrassed, but not because of the bochurim who actualy believe in chabad and its Rebbe. But you should be embarrassed because of the fact that you think you can represent chabad.


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