Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank you RCV - but why now?

Can anyone explain why the RCV has released this statement at this time?
Have there recently been abuse issues in our community? Or is this simply the RCV catching up with what has happened in the past?

Whatever the reason, it is commendable that the rabbis have publicly ruled on the necessity of reporting such matters to the authorities and clearly stating that there are no Mesirah concerns when doing so. The welfare of our children comes first, second and last and we must do everything to protect them. The wording, though, in our humble opinion, could have been a bit less confounding - without all those “whereas”es.


  1. If you were watching the AJN you would have found the answer to your question on page 28 this week:

    "November 25 is White Ribbon Day, a day when Australians are called on to say no to domestic violence. Domestic violence affects all communities, including our own."

    It is important that the RCV has issued this statement. Whilst the RCV have expressed concern about violence and harmful behaviour that can contribute to suicide, they neglect to mention one of the most concerning forms of abuse, namely the intolerance of homosexuality.

    Suicide Prevention Australia last year released a position statement which mentions the alarming statistics around the extent of suicide in same-sex attracted people.

    It is worth reading this statement from SPA, however I will quote one relevant section:

    "... those belonging to religious faiths that promulgate negative discourses about homosexuality are particularly vulnerable to suicide and self-harm. Conflicts between spiritual or religious beliefs and sexuality can result in significant psychological dissonance as well as division and exclusion from family, friends and community.

    For many, these experiences manifest in deep feelings of self-loathing and hatred that, in turn, severely elevate the risk of suicide and self-harm".

    I believe the RCV takes these issues seriously, and it would pay them to heed this research.

    Michael Barnett.

  2. Wheras since the RCV has been receiving Government funding, they are attempting to catch up on issues that should have been addressed long ago.

  3. It was release now to coincide with White Ribbon Day (25 November).

  4. White Ribbon Day is about violence against women and was started in 1991. RCV - where have you been? This statement is about child abuse.
    Some day the RCV may come out with a statement about domestic violence and abuse.

  5. "White Ribbon Day is about violence against women". And when will there be a day about violence against men? Why is that any less of a problem?


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