Monday, November 15, 2010

More on Vorschheimer

Our earlier posts regarding the [now-expired] anti-Brumby blog of Menachem Vorschheimer seems to have upset a few in the blogoshpere. The following is a comment we received from Tim Anderson, with links to his blog - which we also reproduce:

Tim Anderson said...
How disappointing that Menachem has been told to, "shhh, be quiet, you are causing trouble!"  I shall continue with his good work exposing the corruption of the Victorian democracy. Good governance in Victoria relies on the Westminster democratic system with a separation of powers between the lawmakers, the courts and police. Former Premier Bracks made secret deals with police and Robert Hulls appoints his own judges. Perhaps that is not how things operate in Israel but the Australian democracy has foundation stones to prevent the tyranny of governments from having control over the courts and police. Shame on AJN and the Jewish community for not supporting someone who is trying to expose the corruption in Victoria. Blind Freddie can see the system is being degraded by Premier Brumby.

Let us assure you that we have absolutely no objections to political activism on either side of the fence and view it as a healthy sign of our democratic lifestyle. Our guest poster's objection to Vorchheimer was as one Chabad chassid to another - demanding a higher and more respectful tone and language when addressing another human being - expecially a leader and one that the community considers to be a friend.  No more - no less.

(And, by the way, Tim, we note that you criticise the premier saying that he "cannot even correctly date a web document". However, let us also note that you couldn't correctly name our blog...)


  1. Thanks for that correction AJNwatch, your blog has been correctly named. I do not agree that we should address a tyrant with respect or that we should grovel to Brumby because he is a leader. The Premier has hundreds to staff to help him write webpages, I do not. If I point out defects in the Premiers web pages, he has ignored me, when you point out I incorrectly named you blog, I make corrections. In the same way when witness against corrupt police have been murdered in their beds, Brumby has done nothing, he see nothing and knows nothing.

    Tim Anderson

  2. I see Menachem had a letter in the Jewish News this week.

    I am sure that no one has any objection to that.

    I too am glad that he has taken off his blog

  3. Now may I please say, "Told you so"

    The good friend of the Jewish community must foremost be to a democratic way of life and things like the Constitution and a Westminster system of government. These things are above the persona of any one individual, to select an individual as the "friend of the people" ignores greater responsibilities. Say not that "X" is a friend but that the laws of the country are your friend. So it might be possible to say that the community which supported Brumby are against Ted Baillieu. The Brumby "Bullshit" is gone, the King is dead, long hail the new King Ted :-) Go for the legal relationship before supporting anyone as a friend of the Jewish people, younder Bracks/Brumby bearing gifts to Greece in a Trojan horse. Long live King Ted.

    It is becoming an obituary, for the Brumby Victorian Labor have written a sad autobiography "What not to do in a democratic government" or "The Herculean task of Planning the Cleaning of the Brumby Augean Stables. What Ted Baillieu's "one stop" corruption shop will lead. Be careful who you make friends with!


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