Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you John Howard

Further to the earlier post by Chabadnik where he writes: "Victorian, and indeed Australian, Jewry is most fortunate to be in a situation where all leaders of the major parties are friends of ours and supportive of Israel", here is a link to the J-Wire site showing a recent clip of former prime minister John Howard forcefully responding to a loaded question about Israel put to him by an Iranian journalist at the dinner of the Foreign Correspondents' Association.

We can do no more than add to Chabadnik’s words that Baruch Hashem we live in a country where the people that count are our good friends.

Here are a photographs of the last 2 prime ministers with their favourite rabbi, Rabbi Pinchos Feldman of Sydney.

Talking about Aussie prime ministers, we reproduce a photograph - which just landed on our desk - of the welcome sign in Kuala Lumpur for our current leader Julia Gillard who was attending the East Asia summit.

(Nothing at all to do with AJN Watch's usual topic list, but as we haven't noticed it anywhere else, we can't resist the possibilty of scooping the entire Australian media...)


  1. ho ho ho - that is a great snap of the hohourable lady

  2. Why did you change the AJNWatch logo? I liked the old one. The new one removes any images of the Jewish News which, I thought, the site was committed to counter?!

  3. I also liked the previous logo. However it seems to me that the AJN has actually toned down its nastiness towards orthodox Jews since the appearance of this blog thus maybe there is no longer the need for that logo.

    (The attitude change at the AJN could also have to do with the sacking of Ashley Browne (for which AJN Watch may or may not also take some credit!), and the arrival of Zeddy Lawrence who seems to be a more tolerant type).

    The consensus around our shabbos table has been that this blog definitely has some part in improving AJN standards (although not much luck yet with the Adam Kamien dreckerati stuff - which still needs serious attention).

    Seeing that most items on this blog are no longer actually related to the AJN, I can understand the removal of that particular logo.

    Personally I am very happy with the way this blog has expanded by bringing so many items of interest - from the orthodox POV.

    I ahve been following this blog for nearly a year now and always look forward to new posts. Having said that, I should add that I do not agree 100% or even 80% - to the views of the writers on all matters. But then, neither do I with he many other blogs and publications that I follow.

  4. I like the green and gold in the new logo


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