Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Postal voting - an AJN Watch tip (plus our endorsements)

The Federal election will take place in a few weeks (to be followed closely by State elections). As always it will be held on the Shabbat. Many observant voters are unaware that in addition to applying for a postal ballot before each election, they have the option of registering as a "General Postal Voter" which results in their automatically receiving ballot papers in the mail for all future state and federal elections.

It is a great service and of immense value to all of us. It is quite easy to forget to apply for a postal vote and risk being fined for not voting. We strongly urge everyone to register all members of their family and to forward this information on the others in their community.

For further details click here.

For general information about pre-poll and postal voting see the Electoral Commission website.

At the same time, in the spirit of Hakorat Hatov, AJN Watch strongly endorses the incumbent candidates in the 2 electotates with the largest Jewish populations.

Both Michael Danby (Melbourne Ports) and Malcolm Turnbull (Wentworth) deserve our full support and appreciation for all their efforts on behalf of the Jewish community. We wish them Hatzlacha Rabbah.


  1. Thanks for that. Will be doing it immediately.

  2. For those in Wentworth and Melbourne Ports, consider voting for the Secular Party of Australia. It stands for the separation of religion from state institutions, impartiality between religions and the protection of human rights from violation on the basis of religious doctrine.

  3. You wouldn't be targeting those two seats because they have Jewish members, would you?


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